Cancel Netflix Account Subscription Online in 3 Minutes

How to cancel Netflix free trail or premium account subscription, Can we cancel on iPhone or on TV, Whether cancelled membership in app be automatically disconnected in TV also, Does netflix membership fee will refund on cancellation, Is delete profile and subscription are different…

Netflix has become one of the world’s largest streaming services and is an absolute beast when it comes to providing some of the best streaming TV series and movies online. The reason it has become such a huge trend and hype is due to growth in the modern gadgets and better Internet all across the world.

But at the same time people have made a change in their mindset so as to seek comfort and entertainment from their homes, phones or laptop without the hassle of going to movies which has become a boon for some people.

But for some people who work day in and day out, this might even become a burden because streaming for a long time can be a waste of time and there can be a lot of side effects such as health degradation due to prolonged screen viewing.

One of the key reasons is also that the subscription fee is recurring which means, the payment will be debited every month for the account subscription you have opted for which will also be a burden on the money you save.

And that is why it is sometimes important to stop some of the entertainment such as Netflix streaming which a lot of people use in the first but they understand the effects later on. In this guide I am going to walk you through the step by step which is needed to cancel the Netflix membership either from mobile or the desktop platforms.

In this modern world, we all use Mobiles which are Android or IOS based operating system but mostly the app interface remains the same when it comes to the mobile platform. So, here is a short guide where you can learn how you can cancel the netflix membership from android or iphone directly.

How to Cancel Netflix Membership Online from App of iPhone & Android

  1. First you have to open your Netflix app from Android or iPhone, then login with your account details
  2. On the App homepage, you can see three lines icon at the right bottom corner, click on this option and this is the account access option or the profile page
  3. From the “Manage Profiles” page you will have to click on the “Account” option which is below the App Settings option
  4. On the new page which is “Account” you have to scroll down to the bottom of this page and find the option “Cancel Membership” which is above the “Plan Details”
  5. Then you just have to click on the “Cancel Membership” option as shown in the image and then click on the “Finish Cancellation” option in the next page as well
  6. On the next page you will be asked to fill a survey as to why you have cancelled the membership which you can skip and scroll down to the bottom of the page
  7. At the bottom of the page, click on “Done” button and you will receive a notification that the account has been cancelled
  8. If you are ending the account before the billing period, then the account cancellation will be in effect after the end of the billing period.
  9. How to Cancel Netflix Membership Online from App for Web Interface – Browser, PS4, Xbox One & TV
  10. So if you own a TV or any other major streaming or Console through which you use Netflix, then you can use the below to cancel the netflix membership from these sources directly.
  11. First you will have go to and then sign in with your login details
  12. Next go to your Profile settings icon and click on the “Down Arrow” option and you will see options under it
  13. From the options shown, click on the “Account” and then go to the “Membership and Billing” section
  14. From the “Membership and Billing” section under Account, click on the “Cancel Membership” box option
  15. Once you click on the “Cancel Membership” option box, it will once again ask you about the “FInish Cancellation” popup and click on it for final confirmation.
  16. The final confirmation page will have “Your membership has been cancelled” option which will clearly confirm the netflix account is now cancelled.
  17. This will confirm your membership cancellation on the Netflix streaming platform and it has taken over a couple of minutes to do so.

In this way you can confirm the cancellation of your Netflix membership through the desktop platforms either it being a browser from laptop, computer or any other console like Xbox or PS4 as well. We will also address some frequently asked questions below, check now

  1. Can we cancel Netflix via Phone Number

    No you cannot cancel your Netflix account by calling the Netflix customer support. It is so because Netflix does not allow anyone else to cancel the account other than the account owner itself. The reason is that Netflix accounts can contain personal information, payment credentials and also personal preferences over streaming choices.

  2. Is Delete Profile different from Cancel Netflix Membership?

    This might be a simple question, but people face problems with this and deleting the profile means you want to completely delete the Netflix account forever so that you won’t be able to access it Whereas cancel netflix membership only means to cancel the current account subscription model which you have selected for and paid for.

  3. How to Cancel Netflix Free Trial

    So once you create a new account, netflix provides you with a period of free trial which many people use to enjoy the service during the free train and then want to cancel them. So, if you own a free trial account and it is coming to an end sometime soon, then you can follow any of the above guide simply the same to cancel the netflix membership so that you will not be charged after the free trial ends.

  4. Does Netflix Account Provide Refund on Membership Cancellation?

    No, netflix does not provide any refund once you have started your monthly subscription through free trial or even for the paid membership as well.