GoDaddy Customer Service with 24/7 Global Customer Care Number


Godaddy Customer service now live 24/7 in most countries. You may check country-wise Godaddy customer care number which may work for specified hours to resolve the queries and complaints…

GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar which brings various services to the people to bring their innovative ideas online. They sell domains that may easily searched from their search bar and does adds the services like Web / Domain Hosting, Word press Hosting, domain registration, eCommerce Solutions, Website Builder, SSL security certificates, Professional Email & Marketing, VPS, Microsoft 365 and more.

There are various services that GoDaddy brings in for the people. On the same hand, they do have their exclusive customer service. Here 99networks present GoDaddy customer care global phone number list. The GoDaddy customer service is exclusive for each service and customer. It’s all for reporting their grievance routed to that particular team to fix the issue.

Godaddy Customer Service
Godaddy Customer Service

GoDaddy Customer Service

Particulars / Country Godaddy Phone Number (Service) / Details
Australia+611300351076, Melbourne: +610388205819, Sydney: +610280428920
Belgium+3278482046, +3278482045 (In France)
Brasil 55 4003 3329, 55213956 9989, 551139585679
Canada18669381119, 18444949065
Chile56448909 402, 56223937036
Barranquilla: +5753860098, Bogotá: +571382 6761, Medellín: +5746043447, SantiagodeCali: +5726207301
Danmark +4536927733
Deutschland +498921094807
Espana +34911980524
France +330975187039
Hong Kong+85230507470
Ireland+3534803663549, +35316535976
Israel+972722714004 , +97233741565
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur: +600362074694, Countrywide: +6001548770207
Nederland+3185888 3143
New Zealand+64 99759407
Pakistan+1 480 463 8811
Peru+51 1 7009337
PhilippinesManila: +63 02 82312988, Countrywide: +630923 0990453
Portugal+351 308 802 068
Singapore +65 63494240
South AfricaCape Town: +27 21 427 6288, Country wide: +27 87 550 2180
SuisseBale: +41 61 588 0225, Genève: +41 22 518 0692, Zurich: +41 43 508 3970
SuomiHelsinki: +358 9 424 50 695, Tampere: +358 3 410 89 752
Sverige+077 588 80 23
SvizzeraBasilea: +41 61 588 0252, Ginevra: +41 22 518 0693, Zurigo: +41 43 508 3971
Turkiye850 390 75 46
United Arab Emirates
+971 20 7084 9215, Support UK: +44 20 7084 9215, Support US: +1 480 463 8746
United Kingdom+44 20 7084 1810
United States+1 480 366 3549, +1 480 463 8300
Venezuela+58 212 7719061, +58 800 5000555
HellasAthens: +30 21 1 198 4715, Thessaloniki: +30 23 1 118 0732
Ukraine+380 89 320 25 29
United Arab Emirates+44 20 7023 7959‬, +1 480 651 9900‬
Thai+6621056194, +66 600024085
Republic of Korea+82 80 880 2111
Taiwan+886 973 482 984, +886 02 7703 9087
Singapore+65 6701 1359
Japan5068648178, +81 3 6731 4843

Individual who have registered their domain with GoDaddy or have used any service can utilize the Customer service number to report their issue. Every time, a grievance report and email may send to register email address with a ticket number that helps to track in future

Toll Free Number: Use country-wise numbers if you’re trying to call to GoDaddy customer service. These numbers are reachable round the clock mostly, but some as per prescribed timings, and an exclusive may align by GoDaddy once selecting the appropriate option.

Online Live Chat: Visit the official website of and use the Contact US pop-up box form the website. This may available in some of the countries. This way you can communicate with the GoDaddy customer service team with a pre-defined chat. If required an executive will align in same chat window. The same person will guide you with steps required to resolve the issue.

GoDaddy Customer Care Important Points

When you’re making a call to GoDaddy, then you must consider the below points and make yourself prepared to have your issue fixed in one single call.

24/7 Service: GoDaddy offers round-the-clock customer service which mainly contacted to the United States. In case if you’re calling from any other region and don’t use English, then you can get GoDaddy helpline number for your country. Make a call to connect with their customer service.

Account Details: GoDaddy firstly confirms your identity before providing any details form their side. You may advised to get some important details which makes ready to provide best service. It is like invoice copy, order confirmation mail, statement, host details, and account name before making a call to the GoDaddy.

Technical Issue: In case of any technical issues, you must have your laptop or computer handy. The technical person who connects from GoDaddy will try to guide you the troubleshooting steps. The agent will ensure in call for the duration which entirely took to resolve your issue with GoDaddy account.

Registered Number: In case of any technical or network issue, the customer service agent from GoDaddy will keep on hold, and at times that might go longer as well. If you register mobile number, then the executive will make a return call if your call drops by any chance.

Is Godaddy Customer Care Number Chargeable?

In most of the countries, Godaddy Customer care number is available as Toll Free number.

Is it mandatory to provide Godaddy PIN to executives at customer care?

For all issues, the PIN is not required. Only to resolve some of the issues, the executives will ask for confirmation of security.

Can we call Godaddy customer service from any country?

Yes, you can call Goddady user account holding country from anywhere globally by dialing the authorized customer care number country-wise provided in the list.

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