IP Address Admin Panel Login Access Guide


What is IP Address, How do i access my modem with this address, Check the login configuration process for, which default routers allow this IP address, Find the solution, if IP does not connect directly and what are the reasons for not connecting…

There are different IP address over the globe and among them there are very few selected to serve as the Internet Protocol gateway for the major router brands, among them the IP address is a popular one which is being used by a number of brands to allow their uses to access the router admin panel for the further settings, configurations they can make.

Admin Panel Login
Admin Panel Login

If you own a router and also an Internet connection, then you should be on your way to make the Internet connection wireless, It means that, we can setup the WiFi WAN connection which will enable you to access the Internet from your devices or laptop by just inputting the password you have set, and now here we will discuss about the login process, different routers that can access this IP and at the same time the errors users might find while accessing the IP address.

How to login to IP Address – Admin Panel Access Guide

We have different set of routers that pertain to the IP address which is well know for its security and in today’s guide we will show you the steps through which you can access the admin panel of your router form this IP gateway.

We can move towards the internal login and configuration process once the hardware connections are made correctly.

  1. In the primary step, we will have to open one of the browsers from either of your laptop or computer, and once a browser is open, go to tab and then go to the address bar of the selected tab to type the IP address gateway “” directly there.
  2. In the second step, you will hit on load or click on the enter button for the tab to load the IP address gateway which we have typed in to the web browser right now.
    • Note: For the first time, it will take 1 – 5 minutes as well for the IP gateway to load where you have to be patient, If it does not load even after 5 minutes, then we advise you to follow our error guide from below.
  3. As soon as the page loads it will show you the interface for the Admin Panel of the router, and this page will contain the login interface, where we will have to enter the login information for the particular router model.
  4. Once the username and the password, which are the required login information has been typed in, we can click on the log in button at the bottom right to sign in successfully!

In this way you will now be able to log into the correct Admin panel for your router brand directly. After this step the primary thing would be to make the necessary internal configuration for the router which will different from router brand to brand even though they have the same IP gateway, and this is due to each router brand has a separate global IP that they browser via and they need to make the changes according to that.

IP Address Default Router Brands with Default Details

The above guide is the basic login part of any router or router model with the IP address but after that the internal configuration and settings will differ for each of the model, and at the same time during the login process, we need to use the correct default username and password even if we have the correct IP address.

  • Comcast
  • Netgear
  • D-Link

And that is why we have mentioned a list of brands that use this particular IP address so that users can easily find their brand that can be accessed via the IP and use the default login information for accessing the admin panel, and the list will link each router brand to a separate article where you can find all the information from the login process to the configuration part till enabling wireless connection as well.

Internet Protocol Error – IP Cannot Connect to

Please note that if you are not able to access the given IP gateway even after connecting the router hardware properly, then the reason might be due to IP gateway or Internet issue, So now we have discussed some of the reasons because of which you might not be able to access the admin panel.

You can follow the mentioned troubleshooting tactics which may help you solve the issue related to IP not loading.

  1. Error Connection Timed Out : This error will be shown on the webpage, when you have tried to load then IP address and the screen will show the error “Err_Connection_Time_Out” which means that the Internet connection is down. In order to solve this problem, make sure that you have Internet connection flowing in from the broadband service provider.
  2. Hardware Connection Issue : If the web browser pages even after entering the Gateway does not load and gives you a blank page then it means that the Internet connection was never established, and the primary reason for this to happen is that there is some problem with the hardware connection which you can solve by reconnecting all the hardware cables.
  3. Wrong IP Gateway/Router/Router Mode : There are three cases when the IP cannot connect to the Internet in order to load the admin panel access gateway.
    • Reason 1: You have entered the wrong IP gateway address for the router you are trying to access, try to enter the IP address correctly again
    • Reason 2: The Router brand does not connect to the given gateway IP address which means you have to check again if this is the correct IP gateway for the router
    • Reason 3: Sometimes a single router brand can access two different IP but in that cases two different router models under that brand are assigned a single IP address, So, in this case you have to make sure you are accessing the correct IP address gateway for the correct router model.

Thank you for reading this article about the Internet Protocol Gateway IP which is a famous IP address allotted to major brands all across the world.