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Do find the simple steps involved in configuration for Asus router Dual band WiFi setup for iPV4 and iPV6 networks on login with enhanced gigabit WiFi technology…

Having a WiFi Router is a blessing during these days of hard requirements and Internet advancement, Well what better brand would be other than Asus if you want to have your Internet turned into WiFi rolling with great speed.

But if you have your router at your hand, the main thing you will need to focus on would be how you would set it up which might worry for a starter like you.

Asus Router Login
Asus Router Login

Asus Router

In order to help you ensure that the Asus router that you have got is set up correctly, we have written this guide, and through this article, we will walk you through the different configuration steps involved in completing the set up as quickly as possible.

The steps are the internal configuration for the router which you will follow only after you have completely set up the router offline with power & ethernet connections.

Asus Router Configuration – Full Setup Guide for Asus Router

We have input all the actionable steps and configuration settings that you will essentially have to make in order to set up your Asus router precisely. Moreover, even if it’s your first time going through this, this walk through will do wonders to help you get this router setup.

IP Address & Login Process

The below instructions will help you first get into the router login panel which for starters seems hard but can be handled easily with the below process.

  1. Open the browser and enter the IP address
  2. Fill the below-provided login information in the login panel
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin
  3. Click on the login button and now the first step to get access to your router is completed.

ASUS Router Login

Administrator Setup

  1. Once logged in then you will have to click on the Go button
  2. After that it will take you to the administrator password credentials setup page
  3. On this page you will have to enter your login name, password and reenter password, then click on the next button

Network Detection

  • After the above step, the page will now reload and try to detect the network connection which one is acknowledged you will receive from the Internet. At this point the router has been set up half that it has now synced up with the Internet and you will receive Internet.

Wireless Settings Setup

After the network is detected and acknowledged, then you will be redirected to the wireless settings setup page through which follow the instructions as follows.

  1. For both 2.4 Ghz & 5Ghz complete the details asked below
  2. Network Name (SSID): Enter your router network name
  3. Network Key: This will be your router password
  4. Then click on the Apply button and this will load the network configuration summary

Network Configuration Settings Summary Page

  1. You will now be able to see the Network configuration summary settings page through which you can now see all the changes and settings you have made which you need to confirm are all correct and then click on the Next button.
  2. Finally you will be asked to login again with your account details which we have setup above which completes your configuration for Asus Router.

Simply by following the above instructions you now have the Asus router configuration done setup and done.

  1. What to do Asus router login page is not working?

    The reason why the page for login which is does not work is because you are not connected to a proper Internet connection or else your Internet connection is not connected. Simply, cross check that and you will be able to access the login page for Asus in no time.

  2. How to resolve the Asus Router network connection cannot be detected?

    This is caused most of the time, simply plug and unplug of the whole router and ethernet wire can help to resolve this issue, But if the issue is still not resolved then you will have to cross check if the Internet connection is working properly.

  3. What is the Asus Router network key configuration error?

    Any router out there along with Asus will require the network key or the password to access the Router has to be at least a minimum of 8 characters to a maximum of 64 characters, and it should be a combination of alphabets, numbers. Ensure the password matches the password requirement and the network key configuration error will be resolved.

  4. Why do I have to set up 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz configuration details?

    It is required to be set up and configured as the Internet connection bandwidth frequency you receive can vary and depending on that the router can switch between them to provide proper Internet connection without any issues.

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