Family Feud Template Free Download 2023


The Family Feud template successfully conveys the essence of the popular television game show into a flexible and entertaining framework.

This game involves asking a group of players survey questions and then converting their answers into a fun and competitive guessing game.

Family Feud Template
Family Feud

Family Feud

A popular TV show served as the inspiration for the Family Feud template. It’s a fantastic way to have group games, learn, or have fun. Asking questions and assuming common responses are the only ways to succeed.

  • Start by asking a group different question on various topics.
  • Gather responses and notice common ones.
  • Identify popular answers for each question.
  • Two teams compete to guess these popular answers.
  • Teams get points for correct guesses, using a game board.
  • One team guesses a question, earning points for popular answers.
  • The host reveals answers and scores, making it exciting.
  • Family Feud template is a fun way to encourage teamwork and quick thinking. It has new questions each time, making it enjoyable for everyone.

Best Free Family Feud PowerPoint Templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides

Make your own special Family Feud game using these free PowerPoint templates. Use it in class to teach something new or as a fun way to study for a test.

Some templates are set up for you to add questions before showing them to students. Others have extra features you can customize to give your kids a truly unique time.

Family Feud Template from Slide Chef

  • The Family Feud template’s PPTX file is usable in PowerPoint and compatible slideshow editors.
  • You can edit questions, answers, points, and monitor incorrect guesses with it.


  • Discover particular solutions as they are hypothesized.
  • provide setup instructions.
  • Both private and public use is permitted.


  • The directions are not really clear.
  • a lack of sound.

Ditch That Textbook’s Family Feud Template

This is a nice starting template, but it’s important to understand how it functions.

  • Don’t reveal correct answers right away.
  • Everyone predicts at the start. Then, reveal answers one by one.
  • The template has 10 preset questions, but you can change them.


  • many pre-written questions.
  • Use Google Slides or download the template.


  • dull slide layouts.
  • Unusual method of answering.

Family Feud Template from SlideLizard

With the help of the PowerPoint add-on SlideLizard, a group of people can play the same game simultaneously while utilizing their respective smartphones.

  • If you have SlideLizard, you can use it to play Family Feud.
  • Alternatively, you can download the standard template as a PPTX file.
  • The download page has instructions for both ways to play.


  • nice sound and graphics.
  • Several directions.


  • Some functions are only usable while using the SlideLizard platform.
  • If you’ve never used SlideLizard, the learning curve is steep.

Class Feud from Culpepper Online

This no-cost Family Feud template, aptly titled Class Feud, is a straightforward format that provides you more freedom to include as many questions as you’d like.


  • To provide players the most realistic experience, this game is set up in kiosk mode.
  • On the download page, comprehensive instructions are given.
  • Other game templates are also available on the website (e.g., Jeopardy, Millionaire, Chain Reaction).


  • For this template to work, macros must be enabled.
  • For novice PowerPoint users, editing the game might not be intuitive.

Add Free Family Feud Template

These are the steps to be followed to add free temple

  • Use Google to find free Family Feud templates on websites.
  • Check sites with game templates to customize.
  • Get Family Feud templates for PowerPoint by searching.
  • Make your own template using PowerPoint or Google Slides. Design questions and game rounds.

Make sure you adhere to any usage instructions supplied by the designers when utilizing these templates. To avoid any security threats, be vigilant at all times while downloading files from the internet and make sure you’re getting them from reliable sources.

How to Make Your Own Family Feud Game in PowerPoint

These are the ways to make your own family feud game in PowerPoint

  1. Pick interesting questions from different topics.
  2. Make slides for each question, with a clear layout showing the question and space for answers.
  3. Put multiple answers on each slide for players to guess.
  4. Make a scoring system – more points for unique answers, fewer for common ones.
  5. Link question and answer slides, show the right one for the chosen answer.
  6. After a guess, say if it’s right and how many points it’s worth.

PowerPoint enables personalization and creativity while creating your own Family Feud game. To give your players an enjoyable experience, pay close attention to the game’s general flow, slide transitions, and design consistency.

To construct a Family Feud game, whatever version of PowerPoint do I need?

A variety of PowerPoint versions, even the more modern ones like PowerPoint 2016, 2019, or Microsoft 365, can be used to build a Family Feud game. While the steps could differ slightly, the fundamental ideas remain the same.

Is it possible to distribute this game to anyone without PowerPoint?

A PowerPoint Show (.pps or .ppsx) file can be used to share your PowerPoint game with others even if they don’t have PowerPoint installed. You might also think about making it into a video to make it more widely accessible.

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