Derivative of Log X and First Principle LogX


Mathematics is an easy subject if you know its formulas and more interesting try to understand the basics of it. There are multiple ways through which one can try to get to the basics and move to solve the longest problems. Thus it is well said that, one should know all basic formulae and foundation which brings them enough time to solve the problems.

The Logarithm and derivatives of the function are very much used in formulas, where one has to know how these are applied together to solve them. In this article 99networks will let you know how to find the Derivative of Log x.

Derivative of Log X
Derivative of Log X

Derivative of Log X

Derivative of Log x can be found if you know how the logarithms interact with the exponential values. The Derivative of Logarithmic Function can be quickly discovered if you can recap the interaction between the Logarithms and exponentials. We will go through some detailed description to find the Derivative of Log x.

In this case let us suppose Y= log(x)

Here we apply the derivative function on both sides then the following will be the result.


Which is further formulated as dy\dx = 1/x.

Thus the Derivative of Log x is 1/x.

What is the first principle of Derivative of Log X?

The Derivative of Logarithmic function Log(x) is defined in multiple functions and the very first principle of the function is 1/(xloga). Where a is the derivative constant and x is defined as the variable.

What is the Derivative of Log 3X?

Derivative of Log 3x is = 1/x with the first principle of derivative. The formula d/dx(log3x) is 1/x when the value of x is 1 according to the first principle of the derivative.

What is the Derivative of Log when X is 1?

The Derivative of Log X when the value of x is 1 will be Zero, one can use the derivative of log function formula and here the Log 1 is zero. If zero is applied in place of log x, the value of Derivative of Log x at x =1 will be zero.

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