Checking Synonym with New Definition

Synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word in the same language. It defined as a word, phrase or a name which very strongly suggests an individual quality or idea.

Checking Synonym

In Synonym one form may replaced by another in a sentence without actually getting the meaning of the sentence changed. In English generally there are different ways of communication which made by Nations. Thus they use different words but the meaning of the sentence is actually similar.

Checking Synonym
Checking Synonym

The words start, begin, initiate and commence does bring the same meaning. This may used in any sentence without getting the meaning changed.

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Definition of Synonym

Here we get some definitions for checking Synonym, which may used in different sentences and words. The words spelled in different ways but the actual meaning remains the same.

  • Two or more words or expressions in the same language share similar meaning in all senses or some referred as a Synonym to each other.
  • A word or phrase which in association held to embody something, such to have same concept or quality
  • In one taxonomic group, if one or more scientific names used to designate same name