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Business Phone Service provide reliable voice, good quality, clear video and communication medium for messaging to connect with Customers. The Business Phone Services does improve productivity by having a proper link between team members along with the customers.

These are in full contrast with the regular mobile devices, as these virtual Phone Services will have various features which may quickly taken up and add video conferencing as required. There are a lot of Best Business Phone Services available, in this article we will be going to know about them and help you to choose the best phone Service to link with your company.

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Best Business Phone Service

Phone Business is an important source of medium to connect with the customers and interact with every customer to provide service in a better way. Here are some best Business Phone services which you can refer to and utilize for your company.


Nextiva is among the top providers of Phone Business Service and at a very reasonable price. It gets a suitable platform to best suit your clients and fit for your organization. These are different plan sets available in Nextiva which may select based on the Organization strength.

The basic plan brings the most comfortable options of services to select. They have a dedicated 24/7 service which will monitor your features and will be there to help you during any grievance.

  • Free Number Porting
  • Online Faxing
  • Mobile and Desktop App
  • Auto Attendant
  • Unlimited Texting and Calling Service
Business Phone Service
Business Phone Service

Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone is a standalone phone system which designed to work individually and as well along with Zoom Meeting Video. This is based on cloud technology which primarily designed to work with any workforce. Every small business can benefit from the Zoom Phone service by using their unlimited international calling options. Zoom also brings webinars which help users in how to set up Zoom Phones in different products. Customer support from Zoom Phone will be available round the clock along with having Bolt Chatbot available with predefined solutions.

  • Visual Voicemail
  • Accessible Via Email
  • Desktop Interface
  • Mobile Apps
  • Chat Messaging App
  • Number Porting
  • Advanced Integration
  • Salesforce and Slack


Grasshopper initially designed to support small businesses with the intention to work for longer hours. They bring an instant response option for any calls you missed. Grasshopper will instantly send a message if there is any miss in Calls and will reduce the number of projects lost for clients over call. Grasshopper brings maximum uptime with round the clock customer service support through their toll-free number. There is no live chat option in Grasshopper and there is always a queue to connect with a live agent.

RingCentral MVP

RingCentral MVP designed to support all types of business with their uniquely designed platform through their APIs. There may dedicated collaborative teams in locations that help the customer who utilizes the RingCentral MVP service. RingCentral MVP brings unlimited banking SMS, free Phone Calling, Toll free number for customer support. RingCentral MVP does have their toll-free number customer support along with live chat to quickly resolve any grievance.

8×8 X Series

The 8×8 X Series has its services spread over 60 countries and makes it easier to communicate even faster. They offer real time business intelligence and bring unique insights across all channels to data delivery. The 8×8 X Series basically designed for small businesses with startups collaboration in mind.

They get access to SMS texting, Group Chat, Calling Service in the United States and Canada. the 8×8 X Series also brings HD Voice, HD Video calling, Screen Sharing, Video meeting options in their features. There is no software to use in installation, while using 8×8 X Series, as it quicker and doesn’t depend on any prerequisites.

Avaya Cloud Office

Avaya Cloud Office is a cloud integration platform which is one of the best services provided with unlimited Business Calling options. They have capacity to include over 200 participants in meetings with enabling screen sharing, video calling and voice calling option. Pricing of Avaya Cloud Office is quite reasonable and using cloud technology makes it more reliable during billing. They have continuous chart support and customer support available all the time to provide services.

Ooma Office

Ooma Office is a basic Business Phone Service which designed fully for Small Business. This is a cost effective firm which brings good features for the limited strength of employees. Ooma Office brings features such as toll free number, group calling, unlimited calling, video conference and emergency contact setting. Ooma Office has a specially designed page in its office website which helps small businesses to set up their account and make it quick to establish. They have live customer support with round the clock customer support to help the customers.

What is the best phone system for a small business?

In terms of small business where the ideal team requirement would be 15 – 30 people, it would be great with RingCentral as a Business Phone.

Which phone service is best for business?

It would depend both on the team strength, number of outgoing and incoming calls and basis of these we can create a plan for each of the businesses that provide phone service and select the one that works best for our services and required plan.

Is there any free business phone service?

No, most of the business phone services might provide you a trial period but you will have to pay at the end of the trial period.

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