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Defined about Mailed meaning with different examples in the page. Check the examples and find the What is mailed with different examples…

Mailed Meaning derived from word mail or post which is a system for sending postcards, letters, mails or parcels through physical transportation or virtually. In general mailed used when one has sent a letter or email something in the past.

The word decries that the letter or mails may sent to delivery address. This does not confirm delivery or acceptance. From the below context of the article, you will learn different meanings of Mailed.

Mailed Meaning
Mailed Meaning

The practice of communication by written documents carried by an intermediary between two or more peoples in the form of written referred as Mail. This may on paper or material which sent to someone far away to provide proper information or notice termed as Mailed. 99networks provides the following different examples in this page.

Mailed Meaning Examples

Mailed when used in English, does have present and past participles of verbs that used as adjectives. Here are some examples of adjective uses of words that mail in regular sentences.

  1. The question bank mailed to students containing previous examples one week before the exam.
  2. Feedback provided based on questionnaires and mailed as a sample.
  3. The activities in constituency mailed to party leaders with review from local voters and information about door to door campaign.
  4. Questionnaires mailed to men and women separately.
  5. Comments mailed to study investigators.

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