Block BSNL SIM card in 2 Authentic Ways at Customer Care or CSC


Does a customer can block BSNL SIM card in online, what are intentions behind to deactivate, how to block BSNL mobile from other network number and also how to activate deactivated SIM card in online or offline

Most of the GSM mobile users purchasing a minimum of Rs.5000 to 25000 worth of mobile phones from the market. Every day thousands of cell phones stolen.

In that Apple’s iPhone and major Android phones are the prime targets for thieves. In the contemporary situations, once a mobile phone snatched means, there is no opportunity to find them. Because some of the thieves fired the existing SIM card immediately to do not find initially.

If it is an expensive phone, the robbers were even changing the IMEI number also. On altering the Mobile IMEI number, there is 100% no chance to find the phone. The only action is Block BSNL SIM card at that time immediately.

The second probability to deactivate BSNL SIM is, many of the customers are maintaining a minimum of two and above cards in their pockets.

In some situations, they forgot the GSM card where they kept. So, the consumer can deactivate the same to avoid misuse by others if it finds by anyone.

In some cases the customers can think like this, My SIM card got blocked, How do I unlock it, at this stage, he/she must check it whether it blocked or not, by re inserting the SIM card.

Block BSNL SIM card
Block BSNL SIM card

Procedure to Block BSNL SIM Card

A GSM customer can deactivate the BSNL SIM card temporarily in two situations, i.e. SIM Lost and Stolen. In this two stages, the customer can easily deactivate temporarily in below mentioned methods to prevent illegal usage by others.

  1. Dial BSNL Mobile Customer Care number and intimate the details to Block BSNL SIM card, and the representative will ask for the following details
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address details

If you confirm the same, then the executive of BSNL customer care will process the issue to concerned switch for immediate blocking of the SIM and circulate a request number to you.

2. Approach nearest authorized customer service center and submit valid Proof of Identity /Proof of Address [Aadhar card] for fast deactivation of existing SIM card, and the team of BSNL immediately will place a request in their database to deactivate BSNL SIM card.

Check the below blocked solutions which will clear many queries about how to block BSNL SIM card through various modes.

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Will a customer of BSNL Maharashtra block the SIM from Karnataka?

At present, It is not possible, The only home circle can Block BSNL SIM card of that circle and also when a customer of Maharashtra dials to customer care from Karnataka, he/she reaches to Karnataka customer care only, so it is not possible.

Whether the SIM card disconnected permanently or temporarily for certain days?

After complaining to deactivate BSNL SIM card, it will block temporarily up to the activation of new replacement card with the same number or up to the expiry of that mobile number.

Whether the BSNL SIM Unblock will do automatically or not?

At present, if a customer gets the replacement SIM, BSNL SIM card will unlock automatically, and if a consumer finds the existing SIM, then he may call to customer care or nearest CSC for unbarring the blocked status.

Can we preserve the BSNL SIM block number?

On complaining to customer care or at CSC, they will give a docket number, and it is not mandatory to preserve or has to submit for next replacement SIM, It lacks only to know the complaint status.

Can the owner of SIM card only block the SIM?

The owner or the authorized person who knows all the details can block the SIM card through BSNL customer care.

Are there any charges to deactivate BSNL SIM card?

There are no charges for deactivation of BSNL SIM card, and then the customer has to pay only SIM replacement charges when activated.

Will the prepaid and postpaid customers are both can block their SIMs?

Yes, any prepaid or postpaid customer can deactivate BSNL SIM card.

Can we get incoming calls upon BSNL SIM card blocking?

It means, the total inbound and outgoing calls entirely locked for that mobile number.

How to block SIM card online

At present, there is no access to deactivate prepaid SIM online, even the postpaid service customer also can lock through customer care or by CSC executives, and it is also only by complaining, In future, the operator will introduce a new portal to block lost BSNL card online.

When I get the duplicate SIM after blocking?

Before blocking or from the next minute of blocking the BSNL SIM card, you can approach nearest CSC for receiving replacement SIM in place of lost SIM.

What is the best BSNL SIM blocked solution?

If you find your SIM lost/stolen, approach BSNL CSC directly to get the replacement of SIM card, So you can obtain immediate access to your mobile number instead of blocking.

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