5G Speed in Mbps Per Second as per New Technology


Every time you read a news article, it will repeat the same thing that the 5G speed is going to be faster, smarter and can bring more speed to than the 4G technology, but do you really think that’s true, well it is actually true but speed is nothing when we do not talk about numbers for the upcoming speed gen technology in new 5G smartphone.

Big brands and carrier services all across the world have been working together to push the release of the 5G technology as soon as possible and to hit the mark of 10 Gbps download speed which might feel surreal for some people, and to be frank even for me I feel the limit of 10 Gbps is kind of a all time high and even the companies producing it have told that the early release of the technology in the year 2020 will not bring the top speed in results but will have a varied result which we are going to discuss in the article below.

In simple means, when the 5G technology is going to be released all across the world in year 2020, not every carrier service provider will give you the top speed limit of 10 Gbps, then what else can these so-called top brands can provide?

5G Speed Data Network
5G Speed Data Network

The answer is simple because they are still making hardware changes and building out stations across the world so that they can start ramping the speed from 1 Gbps to the 10 Gbps limit, and while these companies have been making sure to check in with smartphone brands to have released 5G technology optimized devices which users can buy and start using because without a device that can harness the power of 5G, the SIM card with 5G carrier might be a waste of time and money.

In this article we answer all your questions regarding the 5G technology speed and its comparison with 4G technology as well, but we did a little research and found out the 5G speed for top most carrier service providers across the world, So that it makes sense to talk numbers when the world’s best in carrier service is testing the 5G Technology on their top smartphones and giving the users the results to check in.

5G Speed Comparison with 4G Speed – Bandwidth Comparison

Well we all know by know that there is a huge difference in the speed and also the bandwidth allocation between both the telecommunication technologies which is not surely a huge task to worry about, but in practical we do not have the right comparison between the two models which a user’s can really relate to and then decide if it’s the right thing to move to 5G from a 4G service.

We all are using the 4G technology right now and to be frank it is working pretty standardly with such huge increase in number of people using Smartphone and the connectivity still is a bliss of wind

TechnologyAverage Download SpeedTop Download Speed
5G50 – 500 Mbps1Gbps
4G8 -10 Mbps100Mbps

AT&T 5G Speed vs 4G Speed

The world’s most popular carrier providers have reported that their 5G speed will be somewhere around 823-957 Mbps which is really a good number to look at, when compared to their previous technology whose speed was only 37.1 Mbps there seems to be a major difference as the news outlets have been reporting

Some of the key elements from one of the recent AT&T tests were that

  • The users were able to get an average download speed of 850 Mbps over the network which is really a high number and being consistent makes it really awesome
  • Secondly when we talk about download speed, they could download the fast and furious movie in only 49 seconds which shows how fast the 5G technology is
  • Now people love to game and if you have AT&T’s 5G tech you can download the PUBG mobile game in 70 seconds where as the 4G version was able to download the same game in 5 minutes and 30 seconds which shows us a major difference
  • AT&T has been the first in most of the telecommunication service pioneering and this test with 5G technology has proved that download speed can be brought to the highest peak of 1Gbps to 10 Gbps with efficient bandwidth, speed from the carrier service and most importantly the smartphone being used should empower the 5G Technology as well

Sprint 5G Speed vs 4G Speed

Sprint might not be India’s leading carrier service provider but it well known across the world and stands off as one of the largest vendors for carrier technology and telecommunication service provider in the world.

The Sprint’s 5G speed was around 151-185 Mbps which is lower than that of AT&T which is practically due to lesser users and hardware structure installed across the areas, and similarly, the 4G speed previously was 32.5 Mbps which I believe is very common for all the carrier service providers and still there’s a difference when we see Sprint’s 5G and 4G speed comparison.

Sprint has tested their 5G Technology on the LG V50 ThinQ G5 smartphone and below are the test results

  • In doors the download speed on the LG V50 has been 171 Mbps
  • While they could download PUBG Mobile game which is about 1.86GB in just 1 minute and 30 seconds
  • But most importantly when they tested the download speed outdoors, they got a speed of 350-450 Mbps which is pretty high
  • One of the major things that we have learned from this test is that the smartphone operating must have 5G modem inbuilt that can really grasp and harness the 5G technology power to the highest extent and only then we can make use of the speed in the range between 350-450 Mbps.

T Mobile 5G Speed vs 4G Speed

So, one of the primary tests conducted by T-Mobile resulted in getting close to a mark of 600 Mbps in New York city which is interesting to see, whereas previously the 4G technology was only able to give about 36.3Mbps that shows a practical and huge difference between T-Mobile’s 5G and 4G download speed.

One of the good things is that the test conducted was only an initial step and furthermore with advancements, the results can be increased in numbers, and T-Mobile has conducted small test to check how well they performed

  • In popular cities, the download speed saw an increase and mark reached up to 600 Mbps
  • It took them only 1 minute and 50 seconds to download the PUBG Mobile game
  • While it took them 3 minutes and 52 seconds to download Netflix’ show Sabrina with 11 episodes in it
  • The test conducted by T-Mobile proves that the hardware to be designed and placed needs to be installed properly before the release of the 5G technology to ensure that proper signal transmission is provided to all users in a designated area.

Verizon 5G Speed vs 4G Speed

If you own an iPhone then it is quite common that you might be using a Verizon carrier service because it is widely spread across the world, and talking about the speed test, Verizon was able to record 713-1.07Gbps which is the highest of all the services and that is why people are switching towards this service.

Their previous telecommunication technology, the 4G was able to record 53.3Mbps which when compared to the 5G speed shows the clear difference between the speeds of two technologies at hand, and Verizon’s 5G was tested on the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S10 5G device which is able to pull off the 5G technology quite conveniently. Here are the test results as follows:

  • The test was first conducted outdoors and it results in giving a download speed of 700 Mbps at consistent level which is a very high number indeed
  • The next outdoor test was conducted in popular and metropolitan areas which results in a download speed of 917 Mbps and at last it reached a mark of 1.08Gbps.
  • Download test for the PUBG Mobile game which is of 1.8Gbps was conducted, and it took 2 minutes and 17 seconds to download the game.
  • The Verizon test can be called as the most successful test in terms of finding out the peak download speed which once hit a range of 1.08 Gbps which is really an amazing number.

So, now the question for tech companies would be how they can make it ten fold more and the obvious answer would be installing more antennas and towers for proper frequency channelling and distribution of carrier service.

Note: We only have the information regarding the connectivity from different world-famous operator and carrier service providers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon which we have used for the review and comparison.

These above-mentioned services are also well known as the pioneer in the 5G technology and most of them will be reselling the technology to different country governments and service providers. So, we have used the first hand creator for the technology to review the speed comparison between the 5G and 4G.

5G Speed Difference in different Carrier Service Providers

After the above tests one of the things that we have clearly seen and observed is that the 5G technology speed is consistent somewhere around 200Mbps indoors and outdoors it is around 400 – 700 Mbps, but these results differ on every carrier service provider and most importantly it will change for every location such the country.

In India in the upcoming days we might not see the whole 800 Mbps speed right away which is practical because we do not have the enough resources out there installed in terms of hardware and also people do not have efficient 5G smartphones to embrace the 5G technology speed and bandwidth.

  • Hardware: Not every carrier service provider has all the hardware installed and setup completed in all the areas populated, so the service will not be 100%
  • 5G Smartphone: All users who own a 5G SIM must have a smartphone that correlates and can use the 5G technology.

5G Bandwidth vs 4G Bandwidth

First before we talk about the bandwidth comparison between the two technologies, we have to learn about the word bandwidth. Bandwidth does not refer to speed for the technology but it means the total amount of Data usage which is allocated to a user.

Certainly, speed and bandwidth are correlated and with higher speed there will be a large bandwidth usage allocated by different services, but, 5G speed is what is used to make use of the allocated bandwidth to a user and in this way the bandwidth between a 4G and 5G will obviously differ.

It is so because you cannot even complete half of 5G bandwidth with 4G speed which is at most 1-5 Mbps in certain areas, While 5G is going to dominate the world with a minimum of 50Mbps.

Most of the service providers right now like BSNL giving GBs data per day and if the 5G technology is implemented then they will increase it ten folds which means, around 10GB data bandwidth will be allocated, but most importantly since both the speed and bandwidth have increased exponentially there will also be increase in the prices of different packages and these pricing will differ with all carrier service providers.

Currently Airtel, Jio and Idea are one of the ideal leading 4G service providers in India and these are expected to launch the 5G technology by the next year which by then will surely release the revamped prices and a clear understanding of the plans that users can choose from.

Thank you for reading this article about the speed comparison between 5G speed and 4G which practically is a huge stand off between the two. Moreover, when speed increases, there will certainly be increase in the bandwidth so that users can download and stream accordingly to their preferred plan. Let us know your feedback on the 5G technology and what do you think the bandwidth plans should be.

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