Activate BSNL ISD on Prepaid or Postpaid Mobile by Sending SMS

Find the SMS short code for activation of BSNL ISD facility on your prepaid or postpaid mobile and available special tariff vouchers to reduce ISD tariff for voice calls and SMS from India…

After receiving many complaints from customers to TRAI on International missed calls received at day / night times from unknown numbers, and called by customer resulting in highest charges as they are premium numbers.

bsnl isd activation
BSNL ISD Activation

TRAI instructed all Indian mobile operators to provide ISD facility on a mobile number only after a request from the subscriber, Prepaid mobile customers can have a chance to activate or deactivate the ISD facility at any time just by sending the following SMS keywords.

ParticularsBSNL ISD Activation / Deactivation CodesSMS Sent to
ActivationACT ISD53733
DeActivationDEACT ISD53733

At any time, the customer can allow or deactivate the ISD facility on his prepaid mobile, and there are no charges for both the request types generated, also there is no limit for change requests through SMS.

After activation of ISD facility on BSNL Prepaid and Postpaid Mobiles, customers allows to make International calls with best voice quality at Cheapest ISD Tariff by reducing 75% of normal ISD charges with ISD Rate Cutters for Prepaid Mobile Users and Add On Plans for Postpaid users on par with other telecom service providers.

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When coming to the postpaid customers, BSNL ISD facility will provide to customers on submission of a written request to concerned area Customer Service Center by paying the necessary deposits on demand announced by the operator.

What are the charges for activation of BSNL ISD facility in mobiles?

There is no charges for any BSNL mobile number related to Prepaid or Postpaid category, the service is provided at free of cost.

How many times can we activate or deactivate ISD in a month?

There is no limit in count/number for activation and deactivation of ISD facility in mobiles.

Can we get refund in postpaid mobile, when we deactivate the ISD facility?

After closure of postpaid mobile, the available deposits should be refunded, upto that time, you can change the facilities (ISD provision / deactivation) without any limit and should not pay any charges.

Is there any charges for provision of ISD facility?

No, at present the provision and deactivation facility is free.