192.168.o.1 IP Address for Router Login – Complete Guide


What is 192.168.o.1, How do i change my IP admin and login password for my router, how can i access my settings without login with username and password, what are the default settings for my router, can we change default gateway to my router and also whether it is allowed to change the IP address…


Internet is something we all use in our daily life to experience different things from Entertainment in our personal life to getting extensive work done in the office life as well, but in order to do this you might turn to your Internet connection via the Wi-Fi which is only accessible if you have a router that allows to give you Wireless connection which is WAN in simple terms.

And there are a lot of routers all across the world that use different Internet Protocol Gateways to access the Admin panel and some of these routers use the IP Address

The steps to log into the Admin Panel of your selected router from the Internet Protocol gateway is quite simple and same as any other. But one of the key things is to use correct IP for the particular router model since same brand can access two IP’s but differs with model name.

192.168.o.1 IP Address
192.168.o.1 IP Address

192.168.o.1 Login

  1. Select a browser from your computer or laptop and then go to the address bar and type the IP address
  2. Then enter to continue loading the IP address and next we will see browser instructions to enter the Username and the Password
  3. Find your router’s login details and enter the details in the popup login which has just shown up and click on “Log in” button to continue
  4. Now once done, the Admin panel for your router via the IP address will load through which you can now complete necessary settings and configurations required.

Last but not the least, we advise you to follow our list below which will show you default username and password for every brand which is necessary to log into the IP address and access the admin panel, and You can later on change the password for the Wireless connection which is Wi-Fi access but you cannot change the router password because it is set as default from the brand for that particular router model number.

We all know that the Internet Protocol is a massive one and there are a lot of router brands that have made this IP address as their default gateway for accessing the Internal configurations and settings. In order for you to find out all the routers that can be accessed via the Gateway IP, we have listed those below. Login Password

IP addressUsernamePassword% of login upto dlink login

  • D-Link is a popular router and modem brand that has produced a lot of router which are available across the world, you can learn more about the D-Link router access from here.

Net Gear

  • Net Gear is one of the finest router company out there and they are available not only on the IP but others as well. So, you need to make sure you are selecting the correct Net Gear router model from here to access this particular IP gateway.


  • Sitecom is a brand that is popular in the United states for the high performing routers and the networking solutions they have been creating over the years. Even this brand has put their router IP gateway to the Internet Protocol and you can learn more about them from here.

Please note, that the list is not complete yet and we will be linking each router to their separate article which will have the further login process and also web configuration instructions.

Can Same Router Brand have Two IP Gateways?

Please note that some router brands use two different Internet Protocol versions or address and these are determined by the router model as well. Assume in case of Net Gear, they use the IP address but at the same time there are a lot of models under this brand that are only assigned to the particular gateway we are discussing about right now which is IP

One of the key things you should know is how to determine which model will pertain to which gateway from the IP give. If you want to know this you can go over the list of default router, which will redirect to a separate router list that will have all the models that are accessible under the current said brand.

Router Cannot Log into IP

If you have a new router or an old one to which you are now trying to reconnect to the said IP address which is and there can be an error sometimes saying “Router cannot Connect”. This is a very common error which occurs from time to time which can be easily solved by following the below mentioned troubleshooting techniques.

  • Router Hardware Connection Problem : It can be the reason that the hardware connection that you have made are not proper and try to assemble the hardware connection once again.
  • Reset the Router : Even after following the above instructions if the router does not work, then try to reset your router.
    • This majorly happens in case of old routers which you are trying to configure again or even with the new routers which are not properly configured.
    • Here you have to long press the button on the back of the router which will reset the router either new or old and this problem or error will be solved.
  • Power Supply Problem : Make sure the router which is accessing the gateway IP has constant power supply connection and adaptor is there in middle.
  • No Internet Supply : Rarely happens, but the Internet supply might be off from the broadband service provider and wait until that returns or call them to solve it.
  • Wrong IP Address Gateway : As we already discussed, sometimes brands can have two IP gateways and you have to make sure you are accessing via the correct one.

Thank you for reading this article, let us know if you have any doubts and if we’ve missed any of your favourite brands on the list then comment those below and we will add them as well.

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