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What is, What to do if refused to connect and not working when tried to login for open the admin page, Is there any error if took too long to respond, How to login and ping the router with ip, Where to check the login details to work with FTP…

Do you own a router or modem, then you might have heard about the term Internal configuration and router configuration which are very important to do when you first buy a new router or when you have just reset a router. Frankly speaking, there are hundreds of router brands across the world and every one of them has high end router models that have a different configuration process.

But the most common thing among the router can be the Internet Protocol which the normal users can access when their router is connected perfectly in hardware configuration, and assume that you have just bought a new router or reset your old one, the first thing you need to be assured is that the router hardware connection is perfect and it is connected to a Laptop or computer through which we can begin the Internal configuration. Router Admin Router Admin Login

IP AddressUsernamePassword% of Login upto

What is Admin Panel

Admin Panel of IP is going to be different for different brands as we have said but the reason it is used is to make necessary changes to the router’s settings once you have login via your account details.

There are different terms used for Admin Panel when it comes to router brands, some of them call it Web GUI and some call its Internal configuration. But at the end of the day, the work done when accessing the Admin Panel of any router is the same to make the necessary Internal ethernet settings so that the router provides Wireless connection easily. At the same time there are a lot of different features and settings that are done via the routers settings section which are listed below.

  • Wireless Connection – WAN Activate
  • WAN Password – WiFi Password
  • Virtual Servers
  • VPN
  • Guest Sessions
  • Channel Settings and Bandwidth sharing

While discussing about every Router brand’s IP access guide, we will also show you how the Internal configuration and settings can be done to enable Wireless connection for Wi-Fi to work and show you above said settings as well.

How to Access IP – Admin Login, Username and Password

Below you can see that we have written separate guides showing you the login and configuration process for each router brand with respect to the Internet Protocol but at the same time we like to give you a glimpse of the process on how it goes.

  • First you will have to open a web browser from your computer or laptop to which the router is connected and then go to IP by typing the IP address “” in the Address bar of the router
  • After clicking enter or go, the same tab will give you a popup asking to login with the user login details. Enter the username and password for your router, then click on the login button to access the Admin Panel

(Every router model has a separate username and password; you will find the details through our series of guides below.)

Routers Brand that use same IP

One of the main things that every router considers is their users security and privacy which is why no other router have the same IP. But please note that the different routers can have same IP address as well, it is so because all routers connect to them internally. Let us assume that if you have a Net Gear router then you can configure and access the Net Gear WEB GUI and configuration panel directly via the IP using the default Username and password for this particular router.

So, the way these routers are different are based on their current Model number and the Login details that are used to access them with. In order to help you all with all the possible routers that can access this Internet Protocol we have added the list of those below.

Even though the login process and configuration are most probably the same for all the routers mentioned below, but there is huge difference in the Interface via login and setup. So as to make sure that every user can learn the process for their respective router, we have listed the guides below which will redirect to a different article which will be about the router you have selected.

Note: The list might seem small at the movement but we are working in order to add the guides and process for each router that you would like to follow, and If we have missed any of the routers here, then please let us know and we will have those updated as well.

Forgot Username and Password for Router Admin Panel Access at

Do not worry even if you have forgot the username and the password which are the basic login details which are required for you to login to your router’s admin panel.

Find Login Details for any Router: It is so because in the above section we have linked the router login guide to admin panel of IP in which you can find the respective router you are trying to login to and find the login details easily.

Passwords are Case Sensitive: Even though we might show you the list of username and passwords for the router with their model guides. You need to be careful that these router’s passwords are case sensitive, which means you need to be careful and the enter the password which we’ve mentioned.

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