D Link DIR 615 Wireless N300 Router – Configuration


Find the best affordable WiFi connection configuration of D Link DIR 615 wireless N300 router to share high speed internet for computers and game consoles from greater distances around home or apartment…

DLink is an popular brand of router that supplies home and office purpose modem as per customer satisfaction, router is an important device that lets you use your wired network for multiple devices by supplying it through Wireless internet connection.

There are still options to connect your computer with ethernet wire, such that it gets an option to get used internet through wireless or wired network.

The connections to the router are to be monitored from the router home page which does have access to the portal page using the login credential, and if you have a new D Link router then you need to get it monitored and configured as early as possible.

Here get to know how to get access to the DLink DIR 615 Wireless N300 router portal page online, such that you can anytime access the configuration page and modify your internet setting as required.

D Link DIR
D Link DIR

Login D Link DIR 615 Wireless N300 Router

  1. Get power connected to your DLink Router with the adapter provided
  2. Connect LAN wired to router input and computer ethernet to output slot
  3. Search for in URL bar to open Router home page
  4. Enter the username as Admin in very first column
  5. Leave the password as blank and click on login button to proceed
  6. That’s it, DLink DIR 615 Wireless N300 router page is now launched and you can anytime use this process to access your online router page to configure the settings.

The setup of the DLink DIR 615 Wireless N300 is very easy as at the very first time, you need to get the portal login and WiFi login created to access the portal page and make it secure from everyone around.

DLink DIR 615 Wireless N300 Router Configuration

  1. Visit the DLink DIR 615 Wireless N300 router home page form your browser
  2. Login with default credentials and then check the connective shown in home screen
  3. Click on WAN setup and then set as PPPoE > visit the Setup Wizard
  4. Go to wireless Setup > Enter your SSID name which is your WiFi name
  5. Enter your password in Key, which will be able to access internet connection
  6. Now Save button to confirm the setting configured
  7. That’s it, this is how you have just connected your LAN wire connection to DLink DIR615 Wireless N300 router and has enabled the WiFi, use the WiFi in search for your device and then enter the password to access the internet connection.

Can I change my DLink DIR 615 Wireless N300 Password?

Yes, if you have got the portal access to DLink router then you can make changes in wires settings, and there is no requirement of an old password if you want to reset the password form the DLink portal, and there are no requirements of password as well, as customers can choose them as per their understanding.

Does D- Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Has WPS Button?

Yes, the D- Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 does have multiple features for its wireless interface, and the security features as WPS, WMM, Mac address, WEP, WPA and more are included in the router, and the inbuilt firewall setting does provide multiple functions in the router to better support the customer.

Can I increase my Router range in DLink DIR-615 Router?

The DLink DIR 615 Wireless N300 router does have an enough range for more than 15mts inside an house to support the device and as even more but the stability of the internet does go weak, and if you actually want to get the range increase of a router, then you need to get a booster or extender attached to the router to increase your bandwidth to good range.