Netgear EX3110 AC750 WiFi Range Extender (White) Configuration


Have you got a Netgear EX3110 AC750 WiFi Range Extender for WiFi internet connection, then you will also receive a manual with the package, and there are a series of setups that need to be followed for the Netgear EX3110 AC750 setup and which let you increase your high speed internet connection.

There is nothing to be worried about, as in this article we will let you know the configuration steps to get your Netgear EX3110 AC750 started and working fine, and the real time process needs to be followed if you have got some little knowledge over a secure wireless connection configuration steps, as it does set up your WiFi in a new way allows you access to WiFi connection at every corner of your home and yard.

There are some points that needed to be checked to get your extender set up with the WiFi router, and this can be checked before you try to connect the setup and increase your wireless connection range.

Netgear EX3110 AC750 WiFi
Netgear EX3110 AC750 WiFi

Requirements for Netgear EX3110 AC750 Extender Setup

  1. Netgear EX3110 AC750 must receive power supply from wall outlet
  2. Distance between extender and router to be less
  3. Make sure your router is getting internet from Wired LAN connection
  4. Internet URL bar must be working and along with default password
  5. Update the firmware version on the extender for better performance
  6. Router connection with computer to allow configuration
  7. A power cycle of all devices once the setup has been done

Here we will guide you with steps to connect Netgear EX3110 AC750 Wi-Fi range extender to your already installed WiFi router, and the steps to be followed on login to the URL mentioned to seup for wireless connection and there must be proper connection to have the wireless connection range increase.

Device TypeLogin URL
Mac OS X or iOShttp://mywifiext.local
AndroidEnter extender’s IP address displayed

Netgear EX3110 AC750 WiFi Range Extender Setup

  1. Switch On your Netgear EX3110 AC750 extender by supplying power
  2. Make sure you have placed the extender to your WiFi router
  3. Power the extender to power and et the LED light binks in it
  4. Now connect to router to extender by the wireless connection
  5. Open your browser using the URL bar link
  6. Here the NETGEAR Smart Setup wizard will be launched on screen
  7. Now follow the prompts and connect the extender to router
  8. Once the connection is set, place the extender to an desired location

That’s it, this will boost your wireless connection from the router, and it is necessary to have good communication between router and extender, such that NetGear EX3110 AC750 does provide enough internet bandwidth too far devices.

  1. Does an Netgear EX3110 AC750 Wi-Fi extender need wired connection?

    No, the Netgear EX3110 AC750 mode does come with wireless connection which needs to be plugged in the wall outlet for power supply, and it is a portable device that does allow you to extend your wi-fi range for good distance and there is no wired connection required for the setup.

  2. Netgear EX3110 AC750 Wi-Fi Extender is good to buy?

    Yes, the setup of the Netgear EX3110 AC750 WiFi range extender is normal and it doesn’t even require much space to be used, and the normal and portable device thus allows for good wireless connection at the corner of the home and makes sure you experience a good internet connection. The budget of buying this device is also normal and will not be a burden.

  3. Do we need a password for Netgear EX3110 AC750 Extender Online?

    The online website of Netgear EX3110 AC750 wifi range extender does require a default password to access the setup wizards, Once the setup has been done, the access page is required to configure and monitor the device such that you can see the internet connection and connected device with Netgear EX3110 AC750 wifi range extender.

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