Google WiFi System for Whole Home Coverage (4500 Sq Ft), New Configuration


illustrating the new configuration steps to set up Google WiFi System (Single WiFi point) for whole home coverage covers 4500 sq feet with single router supporting dual bands 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz…

WiFi Setup for Home is always an interesting task, as it always makes it difficulty to reach every corner of the house using a router, and thus Google has come with the best devices that will be offered as Google WiFi.

Google WiFi is a combination of multiple devices which are to be maximum to be three installed in a major corner of the house, and it has been found that the Google Wi-Fi system does give coverage to every corner of the house and does remove dead spots.

Thus by using this new system, one can get stable and reliable internet connection where they require in house with the same speed.

Google WiFi System
Google WiFi System

Google WiFi System

The Google Wiireless System is a combination of 3 access points that are to be supported with a single LAN connection from broadband and interconnected with their manual setup. The setup does replace the router and use of service modems giving a dead zone free internet connection.

Each Access point does have an coverage of 1500 Sq ft which does make a total of 4500 Sq fts when three access points are installed in home, and Customers can get a single access point of Google Wi-Fi System or get the pack of three which will be in sync using a simple Google Application designed for them.

Google Wi-Fi is established with network assisted technology which keeps the connection fast and will try to transfer the clearest channel with supported bands to your connected devices.

Google WiFi Access Point

The Google WiFi Access point is a Wireless device that is a combination of multiple technologies which thus forms a great innovation to support the internet. Below are the specifications and things that an access point does come with.

  • AC1200 2×2 War 2 Wi-Fi
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Dual Band Wi-fi 2.5 Ghz and 5 Ghz
  • Support IEEE 802.11a

How to Setup the Google WiFi System

To get the Google Wireless System setup in your home, you first need to get the system access points order from your nearest store or any shopping sites. Once you have the Google WiFi system, you need to get the Android or iOS mobile installed with the Google WiFi Application.

The Application needs to be set up by inking all three Access Points, which then start making the synchronization between them, and once the connection is established, as a regular WiFi one can go and enter the password in their respective device by selecting the Wireless name populated.

Customers need to install only one access point which will be their main router and connected to mobile Google WiFi application, all other access points will be their secondary nodes that will be linked with the main router for mutual connection.

Google Wi-Fi also suggests you to place your secondary nodes at a good distance from the main router, such that their connective is stable and their wi-fi network for devices will be good enough to reach every corner of the home.

Google WiFi Application Working

To get the Google WiFi system setup in your home, it is necessary to know about the Google Wireless Application that will manage all your home internet connection.

  1. Install the Google Wi-Fi Appreciation in your Android or iOS device respectively
  2. Setup your access point and make it main router by connecting renaming access points parallelly
  3. Appreciation is shown, which access point have how many connected devices
  4. Customer can organize each access point and their usage of the internet as required
  5. Use the voice Control feature to control devices as you order with Alexa or Google Home
  6. Maintain the data usage in three access points to have required usage only

Is the Google WiFi System better than a router?

Each device does have their own features and services that are being supported at their best. As using a router will not spread internet connection to every corner of home and does make connection very slow at far corners. Thus a Google Wi-Fi System gives a reliable connection around every corner of the house.

Do Google WiFi Access points is Costlier?

No, as per the setup is seen, a customer does need to get three different access points and get a wired connection which is not required in Router setup. Google Wireless system is a little costlier but will be cost efficient when the point comes to connect to multiple devices with the same speed.

How Many Devices can be selected with Google WiFi?

There is no limit in connecting the devices to the Google Wi-Fi System, as they do support multiple connections through wifi connection, and customers can still manage to have how many devices to be connected to each access point using the Google Wireless application to make the connection reliable and protect it from unknown users to connect.

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