How to Hack WiFi Password to use Unlimited Internet

We all use Internet in our daily life for different purposes from listening to music to browsing news on the web or else to collaborate with colleagues for a presentation online. In the sense when we work, we make use of Internet via different source and WiFi connection has become the most common means since it can accommodate a large number of users at the same time.

But have you ever thought that using your WiFi will make your Internet bandwidth go down gradually and might even be depleted before the end of the month, But here’s the quick solution which is you can try to crack WiFi password to others WiFi connection in order to use Internet via their source provider.

Well you might have only seen the world Hack or crack in a movie where someone with glasses might pounder on the keyboard to get access to any connection in the world. But don’t worry because you don’t have to learn to code or have knowledge in hacking tools to get access to any of the WiFi connection via the trick we are going to show you today.

Well there are many reasons why someone like you and me would like to have a free Internet connection which basically means get access to Free WiFi connection. In the sense you will not only get access to Internet for free but also you don’t have to pay for the service as well which is like a charm in itself.

How to Crack WiFi Password – Best Ways to Get Access to Free WiFi by Hacking WiFi Connection

Are you wondering that we might be using some kind of coding technology in order to crack WiFi password from a connection? Then don’t worry because we will be going to use few of the world’s finest ways that we can use to crack the password for any connection in no time, But before we get right into each way, we will describe how they work and what it takes for them to be activated as well.

Main Method 1 – Hack WiFi Password from Internal IP Address for the Router via AirCrack – NG

In this method, we will use the Router connection where we will use one of the desktops called as AirCrack-NG which is quite well known when it comes accessing different WiFi connections with passwords. It is a complete package of cracking WiFi and does not require any paid subscription as well.

  • First you have to download the AirCrack-NG software from here or visit
  • Then on the homepage click on “Windows” option and save the ZIP file from the website
  • Now unzip the downloaded file and then double tap on the AirCrack-NG 1.6 exe file, which will begin the installation of the tool
  • Wait for the installation to be completed and once done you will have the software up and running, open the app and right away it will ask you between the available network online which has a password
  • Then it will look for different keys and check which key will work as a password for any of the WiFi network connections available online and this might take couple of minutes and you need to be patient.
  • Once the Key Found alter is given on the screen then it means that you have found the password for the WiFi access and then you will be asked to click enter on the next step of the part. Where the software will start injecting different interfacing and try to match the found key into the WiFI for final authorization.
  • As you can see in the below image at the last step of the log it can be clearly seen that you have bene connected to the Paul and John Guest WiFi with the tool and you will also be able to check speed by ping below it.
  • In this way you can use AirCrack-NG software to find access to different WiFi networks online but this takes a lot of times and is not compatible for different desktop OS as well.

Second Method – WiFi Password Hack via Android Apps

I guess you might already have an android device with you and you might be amazed to learn that there are a lot of different Android applications out there that can be used to configure the WiFi networks available on the network and try to hack to get their password has become a piece of cake now a days.

We are going to discuss about few of the apps that you can use in your daily life in order to find the access points for hacking the WiFi password. But learn that these apps all have the same pattern and once you start using them you will get a hang of how to configure and find out passwords for any WiFi network.

  • WiFI WPS WPA Tester
    • While most of the apps only use WPA settings, this app makes use of both WPS and WPA settings to find the password for all the WiFi networks. On the home screen you will be able to find all the networks and click on any network, which will show you MAC address for the access. Once you click on the MAC address you will find the password in the next step as shown in the below image.
  • WPS Connect
    • This app uses few algorithms like Zhao Chesung and Stefan Viehbock in the back end and on the front end when you open the app you will be able to see different networks on the screen with their password below the name itself.
  • WiFi Warden
    • This app does not need you to root your phone which is one basic advantage and it is free to use as well. You will be able to see the different networks of WiFI on the screen “Networks Found” and see how many networks are found. Then you have to click on any of the network and the app will connect to it directly after accessing the WPA2 connection.

Thank you for reading this article and please understand that this is only for educational purpose to make everyone understand the value of technology and how rapidly it has grown to the extent that someone can hack WiFi easily as well.