Gmail Keeps Stopping, Check & Fix Error with 3 Methods


Fix Gmail keeps stopping error using any one from 3 methods. Check the error and fix the same using any method to resolve Gmail error…

Do you use Gmail for your mails and when you open it to look for mails, but you greeted with Unfortunately Gmail has stopped error. This may quite obviously seen when something has gone wrong in our Android Device while accessing the Gmail App.

These can be troublesome to solve, if you don’t exactly know what to do while you face such an error. Gmail, most widely used application with regular updates. There are certain times when a user faces multiple errors. Most of these errors on Gmail simple and may resolved quickly without much struggle.

Gmail Keeps Stopping
Gmail Keeps Stopping

How to Fix Gmail Keeps Stopping Error

If you come across Gmail, keep stopping errors while accessing the Gmail App in your Device. Here are some solutions which you can try to get rid of this error, to seamlessly use the Gmail App.

Method 1

Restart the Gmail App: This is the first and most recommended solution when a user faces a Gmail Keep Stopping error. Just close and restart your Gmail App from running Apps. Else you may directly go to restart your Phone to clear all unwanted data used while using App. These will probably fix the error and allow you to start using Gmail without error.

Method 2

Clear Gmail Cache: In case, if Gmail Keep Stopping and still not resolved. Then you can try to clear the cache data from your Gmail App. Go to the Setting form Menu and then select the Gmail App from the list of All Apps. Now click on Storage & Cache and then select Clear Cache. This may clear entire excess data which saved in Gmail and provide enough space to run the App.

Method 3

Clear the Menu Apps: if you’re using multiple Apps and they are still running in the background. Then will also stop Gmail from processing smoothly. Thus you can try to clear the entire Apps from Background and make sure you have nothing running unwantedly.

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  1. Does Gmail Stopping Affect My Mails?

    The Gmail Keep Stopping is an error that is caused by Application incompatibility with the Device. Even if you face these errors multiple times, there will be no effect on your emails and you would have to choose any other alternative device to look at emails from your Gmail Account.

  2. Is Gmail Stopping due to excess emails in Gmail Account?

    Gmail won’t stop you from using the Application, even if you have fully utilized the Gmail Account data. Gmail Keep Stopping will not be due to the excess email in your account, but it will be due to any bug or device space issues.

  3. Why does Gmail Keep stopping frequently on my Android Device?

    Android devices have all their settings and applications logged in with Gmail ID only. The error for Gmail Keep Stopping is only seen in Android devices, as the cache data and unwanted Apps are mostly not cleared themselves which utilize most data on the device.

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