Gmail Logo and History of M in Google Mail


Gmail is one of the most popular and used product from Google and Gmail Logo has been into several types since introduction to market from its beta version around 15 years ago. The Logotype of Gmail seen changing over years, but the theme they are based on remains the same as ‘Envelope M’. In this article, you can learn more about the Gmail Logo and its long history.

Gmail Logo

Google mail is an advertising-supported free email service developed by Google. Gmail is available from the Web, mobile app on android, iOS devices along with having the third party programs which synchronizes Gmail content from IMAP and POP protocols. It was in 2009 when the actual version of Gmail was brought to regular users with various services of storage and other functions while the Gmail PNG logo version is available across the web.

In mobile Application and website, the Letter M as Gmail logo colored with four colors, which placed with white background. These bring traditions and corporate style, as well as its bright and sleek execution does bring progressiveness of service. The ability to create trends in the market clearly displayed with the last released logo for Gmail.

Gmail initially brought its name having been embedded with Envelope as M which most attacked the user. Later on the development in Gmail has been seen which also changes the logo with time lapse.

Gmail Logo
Gmail Logo

History of Gmail Logo

The Google Employee Paul Buchheit started to work on Gmail in around 2001. It was in one day he brought the product out. Since its production time, used within the company for almost 4 years and in around 2004, with hard working 12 people team. Gmail launched for the public and then it became popular for its unfriendly interface.

The Gmail logo PNG created by Dennis Hwang, who used to make almost all Google doodles. This launch literally made just before the launch of Gmail service to public in 2004. The Gmail logo does bring the name as ‘Gmail’ along with Beta to be accompanied at lower right bottom. Similarly, the word By Google written in the lower left corner.

From 2004 to 2009, the Gmail Logo restricted by removing the Beta under the right side corner. The only Name as Gmail along with By Google at the lower left corner presented to the public.

From 2010 to 2013, Gmail name restricted by placing by Google at the right corner side of the Name Gmail. Gmail has a Mail mark in place of M, which represents the option of Mail.

From 2013 to 2020, Gmail has made its deductible in Mobile Applications. The Letter M which appears on the background of little Envelop, made the logo of Gmail for its mobile users. As in previous, the Letter M Envelope made a part of Gmail but now solely pre mastered the entire series.

In 2020, the resignation of Gmail made to bring the Envelope Letter M, to more life by just placing the Letter with removing the mark of envelope. Here the Letter M denote the official Mail. This may incorporated with official Google Colors, which included Blue, red, Yellow and Green. This Letter M as the new logo of Gmail. It was a mix of these colors which brought a new design to the public.

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Gmail PNG HD Logo

Since its release Google has been updating various Logo concepts for Gmail. Initially Gmail used to have a beta written at the left bottom below the Gmail Logo and then one actual released, the Beta removed.

Moving ahead there are various changes in the Gmail Logo and present it just resembles an M with multi-color logo. Since the initial Gmail Logo PNG released and made available, the concept of Envelope which resembles a mailing platform kept alive. Users always attracted to the free mailing features of Gmail which are seamless and also have a friendly interface.

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