Gmail Profile Picture Change or Remove in Mobile or Desktop


Here is the steps on how to change Gmail Profile picture to normal or cute. Also, check how to remove Gmail profile picture or Google Account profile…

Gmail is one of the most widely used electronic mailing medium which has over millions of users using their services every single minute. Gmail Is a product of Google and every Android device or devices associated with Google does have the Gmail preinstalled. There are options that you can use and get a Google account profile to upload or remove as well.

change Gmail Profile picture
change Gmail Profile picture

There is no particular resolution that Google mail does ask, as once you select a picture it will crop as to set in the Google Profile picture frame. Having a picture for Gmail will make you more professional and does let the receiver find out from whom they are getting the mail.

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How to Upload Gmail Profile Picture

Google mail users can get their selected picture to upload as Profile Picture, which will be visible to everyone. Here are the steps that will guide you to upload the Gmail Profile Picture in quick steps.

  1. Launch the Gmail page and access it with your Gmail ID
  2. Now click on Settings option from top right corner of page
  3. Tap on Open All Settings and then select Personal Info init
  4. Next click on Camera icon from left side of page to select picture
  5. Browser picture from Local computer or Drive may added
  6. Crop and click on Set as Profile photo to load as a Gmail profile.

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How to Remove Gmail Profile Picture

The only possible way to remove old picture is through updating it. We will guide you with some quick options to remove the old Gmail Profile Picture.

  1. Visit the Basic Info page from your Gmail Setting Menu
  2. Here click on Camera icon and then select to drag a picture
  3. Now chose any blank picture or some other logo as profile
  4. Click on ‘set as profile picture’ and wait for it to get upload
  5. Here the old Profile picture may replaced with new one

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How soon the Gmail Profile Picture Updated?

The Gmail Profile Picture once uploaded may instantly updated in your profile. All receivers who have your Gmail will get to see your new Gmail profile picture, once they reload their Gmail inbox.

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Can I restrict myself from showing my Gmail Profile Picture?

All the Gmail users who know your Gmail ID will be able to see your profile picture, once they send or receive an email from your account. There is no way to restrict showing your profile picture with some individual, as the picture will be wholly viewable.

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Can non Gmail users be able to view my Gmail Profile Picture?

The Gmail Profile picture is only viewable to users of Gmail and its service. Non-Gmail users, even if they get an email from your Gmail ID, may not able to view your profile picture, as only restricted to the Gmail IDs.

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