Change Gmail Password on iPhone with Simple Steps in 2 Minutes


Now you can change Gmail password on iPhone simply less than 2minutes on login to the application. Find how to change Gmail password described in 6 steps only…

Gmail is one of the most used electronic medium which has over one billion active users. There are certain safety conditions which Gmail ensures to have a complaint and request every customer to secure their account. As per now a days security aspects, it is mandatory to change the password even in high end phones like Apple gadgets.

In the process of securing the Gmail Account, this may asked to change the Gmail password for every three months. So, in this quick article we will guide any iOS users on how they can simply change gmail password on iPhone as per your choice which meets the password recommendation from Gmail.

Change Gmail Password
Change Gmail Password

How to Change Gmail Password on iPhone

  1. Open the Gmail App in your iPhone or iPad Device
  2. At top right corner, tap on profile picture or initial option
  3. Click on manage your account to select logged ID
  4. Select Personal Info and then open the Basic Information
  5. Now select Password and then click on Change password
  6. Enter new password twice and submit the same to change

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What happened after changing my Gmail Password?

Once the Gmail account password changed, the user signed out from all devices which logged with Gmail ID. Every device which you use to verify must signed in aging and the third party App if used any, may update with a new password to access their content again.

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Does the iPhone have a separate Gmail Application?

The iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad do bring the Gmail App in their App store. Customers can install the App from the App store and get to use their Gmail ID directly without using the browser. As well, users can add the Gmail Account in Device mails from the Add accounts option.

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Can I set my Gmail Password as a mobile number on my iPhone?

The Gmail password requirement for the Gmail ID used when one tries to access it and the new password once entered may examined, which may rated as weak, strong category. Thus it always required to have a strong password for Gmail to make it secure.

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