How to Block Emails on Gmail & Someone Email Address

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Check how to block someone on Gmail who finds a spam emails sender or nuisance creator. Check common processes for how to block an email address…

Gmail is an open-source platform, which allows all type of customers to create their accounts. There are various customers who actually use Gmail for the promotion purposes of their business.

There are many users who use the Gmail platform for their day-to-day communication. In this medium, the promotion events or some email from unknown people are not just enough to mark as Spam. Though Gmail filters mark emails as SPAM, but you will also need to block email Gmail, so as to ensure no future emails received.

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It is quite easy to block someone on Gmail, when you know their basic details which may used while blocking them. Here is the process which you can follow and blocked on Gmail quickly.

How to Block Emails on Gmail

  1. Visit the Gmail App or web browser by using your credentials
  2. Now load the inbox and open the email which you want to block
  3. Click on three dots at left side of page and view options
  4. Select Block and click on Block button to confirm
  5. The selected mails sender blocked to send mails


  1. Is unsubscribing better than the Block email Gmail?

    In case, if you have subscribed with any franchise or any account which does send regular mail. Then you can unsubscribe the same rather than blocking them, as these will stop future emails to your account.

  2. Can I unblock users in Gmail?

    The emails provide a ‘Filter and Blocked Addresses’ section which stores all mails which the Gmail user has blocked. In future if you change your mind and decide what to unblock them, then they can visit these section rooms’ settings and select the Gmail ID to unblock.

  3. Can i block and Report offense mail senders in Gmail?

    Gmail does bring multiple options when you select an account to block. There the user can select the sender ID as spam or offense or any other such option which best suits the scenario for blocking the account.

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