Gmail Calendar to Outlook (Add / Import / Subscribe)


A detailed guide about how to subscribe and import Gmail calendar to outlook sync, Also check why it is required to link or add Gmail in outlook…

If you’re using Outlook to view your emails then here is the best way that can be used to get your Gmail Calendar linked to Outlook. Outlook does give you an option to view the G mail calendar alongside its owner calendar.

This is an option to subscribe your calendar details to Outlook, such that you will have a quick to your multiple calendars at once place, and this is one option in a part of the new technology that you can use when you don’t want to actually use the G mail calendar anymore and thus get them moved to Outlook space.

Gmail Calendar to Outlook
Gmail Calendar to Outlook

Subscribe GMail Calendar to Outlook

To get your G mail calendar updated with Outlook, you need to have a few strings updated which will keep your calendar updated in Outlook all the time, and have a look at the below-given steps and apply them to get your subscription done.

  1. Open your Gmail account > Launch the Calendar option
  2. Select My Calendar option form the top left side to get it expanded
  3. Now click on three dots that are at the right side of your calendar name
  4. Here select settings > scroll down to tap on Integrate Calendar
  5. On it, tap right-click to Secret Address in iCal format and copy the same
  6. Now move to the Outlook windows > click on File > Go to Account setting > tap on Internet Calendars
  7. Tap on New option and here past the Gmail Calendar content
  8. Click on the Add button > select the folder name to be displayed in Outlook
  9. That’s it, your outlook is linked with the Gmail calendar which will be updated continuously from Gmail directly.
  10. Once you launch your Outlook, the calendar option will be present and the respective content from G mail will be directly visible in this folder options.

Import Gmail Calendar to Outlook

Here we will come across the steps to import the G mail calendar to Outlook, which is a step that needs to be followed if the subscription has been done successfully.

  1. Launch Gmail and then click on the Calendar option from the left side menu
  2. Under Calendar > Click on Calendar setting as to import to Outlook
  3. Scroll down to the Private address > click on iCAL option
  4. In the calendar address, click on the link provided by tapping on the Open button
  5. The options button will be available with a prompt option > Click Open
    • That’s it, Now you can see that your Gmail calendar does get open into the Outlook side view which makes your import successful.

Why is it required to add a Gmail Calendar to Outlook?

This is the simplest way that one can manage multiple accounts in one account. Outlook does give a flexible option that can be used to link multiple accounts in one, so that you can manage the email, calendar, and other options from one window, and as well the G mail Calendar can be disabled in G mail and still it will be visible to use in Outlook windows.

Does Outlook Calendar merge with Gmail Calendar?

No, the calendar for Outlook email and Google mail mails will be different, as they will be visible in most side views. Users can select the option to view the calendar in the grid or any available theme option which is most suitable to use, and this one can view multiple calendars on one screen, without getting them merged or mixed in one screen.

Do I need to timely import Gmail Calendar to Outlook?

The subscription is an important task to be done, to view your Gmail calendar in Outlook windows, and if this has been done, once need not to update or import the Gmail calendar to Outlook, as they get updated with the auto-sync option which was created in the subscription.

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