What does Archive Mean and Find its Possibility


So important to know about what does Archive mean? and that been using in different applications now a days with detailed information and how it helps…

In regular, It is one such option that can be seen in almost every application and tool that we use. There are multiple meanings of the word Archive and as well there comes different usages when you’re using Gmail, Outlook or any messaging applications.

Archive Mean
Archive Mean

What does Archive Mean?

Archive meaning in general used as a word to store or place something. As well it can briefly described as a file containing multiple items which compressed for transfer or security.

This describes as grouping of information, objects or documents. In most cases under Industry mean, an Archive often termed as a storage area in magnetic tape which used as backup and directly accessed from anywhere.

Most people might be familiar with the Archive Folder in WhatsApp or Facebook messaging application which moves their selected conversation into a sub folder.

It’s a place where any material which consists of private papers, records, important links and documentaries stored.

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In different contexts, this may use and it simply refer to as a secured place. This is different from normal location or folder.

Does Archive mean delete

No, archive means saving the emails or messages to look at later. It does not mean deleting the emails or messages.

Does Archive mean save

Archive means remove the emails or message from the inbox to the archive section. But it also means saving the emails or message to look for later.

Do Archived emails deleted

Archived emails do not mean they deleted, it means they archived and can archive again.

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