How to Unarchive Gmail for eMails on Login to Google


Unarchive Gmail is the option for Google mail account holders. Find the detailed steps how to unarchive Gmail in your google login account…

Gmail brings multiple features for their users, by giving a user friendly and flexible interface for accessing their mails. In most cases the emails which received in your Gmail Account might unwanted and may deleted.

Gmail brings the option of Delete and as well Archive, which will remove the mails from your Inbox. The archived mails may still available somewhere in your Gmail account and may accessed by searching them.

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The deleted mails will be however available for 30 days of time and may automatically removed, but archive may not automatically deleted. So, through this article learn about how you can easily unarchive gmail mails. Have you sent your mails archive, There are options which may used to bring them back to your Inbox using below steps.

Unarchive Gmail for eMails
Unarchive Gmail for eMails

How to Unarchive Gmail

  1. Launch your Gmail App in your Mobile device or Laptop
  2. Now click on All mails from left side menu option provided
  3. Now search for email with subject or name from All Mails
  4. Click on three dots in your using the Gmail mobile App or else click on more to find ‘move to inbox’ option over mail
  5. These will move the Archived Mail back to your Inbox

Does Gmail have an archive folder for the Archive Mails?

No, there is no particular folder such as Archive to save all the Archived mails. The mails will be somewhere in your Gmail Account and will be available to list under the All Mails option.

Can I automatically delete the Archive Mails in Gmail?

The Archive mails may not deleted by Gmail automatically, they can only deleted manually or by sending to trash folder. The option to delete Archive mails after a certain period of time is not available.

Can i bring deleted archived mails back?

No, since once any mail archived, this may unarchive back in gmail, but if it deleted already that we cannot.

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