How to Unlock iPhone Hidden Life Saving Emergency Feature


When you make a call using SOS [sophisticated Operating System], your iPhone automatically dials the local emergency number and notifies emergency services of your location.

Your emergency contacts will receive updates when your location changes for a while after you enter SOS mode, and your iPhone will send your current position.

They provide speedy communication, provide easy access to the news, and provide fun. They now serve yet another very useful purpose. even life-saving. There is a secret iPhone feature that can let you escape a perilous situation and save your life.

Unlock iPhone Hidden Life Saving Emergency
Unlock iPhone Hidden Life Saving Emergency

Adding Emergency Contacts on iPhone

  1. Tapping your profile image in the health app will bring it up.
  2. Display Medical ID.
  3. Scroll to Emergency iPhone Contacts after clicking Edit.
  4. To add a contact for emergencies, tap the Add button.
  5. Tap a contact, then include their connection.
  6. To save your changes, tap Done.

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How do I use emergency feature on my iPhone

Five times quickly press the side (or top) button. The slider for Emergency Call will now appear. To contact emergency services, move the Emergency SOS slider.

Use Emergency SOS via Satellite on your iPhone

When you are without Wi-Fi access, you can text emergency services via Emergency SOS via satellite. If Location Services are not enabled for your satellite connection.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Select Emergency SOS.

Tap Try Demo under Emergency SOS via satellite, then follow the on-screen directions.

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How to Activate Emergency SOS in iPhone

With the iPhone’s Emergency SOS feature, you can contact emergency services right away.

  1. Going to Settings > Emergency SOS will allow you to select the calling method.
  2. Instead of moving the slider, you keep holding down the side and volume buttons, according to Apple.
  3. Your iPhone will automatically contact the emergency services
  4. If you continue to hold down the buttons after the countdown is complete.

How do I unlock emergency SOS on my iPhone?

An efficient way to get an iPhone out of emergency SOS status is to force a restart. Here are some easy measures to take. Press and quickly let go of the volume up and down buttons. After then, hold down the side button for a short while until the company logo shows.

Text Emergency Services Via Satellite

Select to inform your emergency contacts where you are and what kind of situation you are experiencing along with the fact that you contacted emergency services.

  1. To contact emergency services, first, try dialling a nearby emergency number.
  2. You can make the call even if your typical cellular carrier network is unavailable.
  3. By satellite emergency text, select it.
  4. To SMS the local emergency number, click on Messages and select Emergency Services.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect to a satellite.
  6. Continue following the directions displayed on the screen once you’re connected.

How to Set up Your Medical ID

Medical ID is a function available on iPhones. It enables access to emergency information without a passcode.

  1. Tap the Summary tab after launching the health app.
  2. In the upper-right corner, tap the image of your profile.
  3. Click Medical ID next to your profile photo.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. Include details about your health, like your blood type, allergies, and birth date.
  6. Click Done.