BSNL Flash SMS Alert Service, Get Free Alerts on Bill, Payment, Complaints & Remainders

Get Flash SMS alert on BSNL mobile screen at free of cost regarding BSNL bill payment, Invoice generated, Payment Acknowledgement and more by registering your mobile number…

Telecom brand allows BSNL Flash SMS Alert Services to facilitate the customers of Landline, Bharat Fiber and DSL Broadband Services to send SMS / Mail Alerts to Customer for Bill Amount, Payment Reminder / Received Alerts with new software billing system called CDR.

Now a days, we all are busy and even unable to check the Invoice of our BSNL Broadband, Landline bill even online also, If it comes directly to your mobile it’s really a worth to avail the option, So for getting your BSNL Landline Broadband billing details to your mobile as an SMS, you have to activate BSNL Flash SMS Alert on your mobile by registering your number.

With this new service, the customers of Bharat Fiber, Landline, and DSL Broadband services are requested to register their Mobile Number (BSNL or Other operator) to get flash SMS alert s for Bill Raised, Payment acknowledgement, Broadband Usage, Fault booking and Clearance, Payment reminder before 2 days due date and Payment Acknowledgement by just registering their Mobile Number of any network.

BSNL Flash SMS Alerts
BSNL Flash SMS Alerts

How to Register BSNL Flash SMS Alert Services

Activate Mobile Number for Flash SMS Alert

BSNL customers of Landline, DSL Broadband and Bharat Fiber services can send SMS as follows.

REG<space><Telephone No>*<account number> (Account number displayed on Telephone bill) to 09404001111

Ex:- REG 044-22222222*1025458587

(Please note that – and * are mandatory and Telephone number is in STD CODE-TEL NO format)

Register EMail address for Flash SMS Alert

If a customer wants to register eMail address, then following is the syntax

Send SMS REG <space><Telephone No>*<account number>*<email address> to 094040011111 to register your mobile number and Email ID

Ex:- REG 044-22222222*1025458587*

After Sending SMS to the server, Subscriber can get reply from BSNL as “Thank You for registering for BSNL Flash SMS Alert Services

How to Register Mobile Number and EMail address for BSNL Flash SMS Alerts

If you feel, you are unable to activate the Flash SMS services via SMS, or to activate both email and mobile number at a time, then enter the details at official website as below

  1. Open your browser with
    • The only available portal to register for BSNL Flash SMS alert service related to Landline, Bharat Fiber, DSL Broadband is
  2. Enter Captcha Code
    • A Security code to avoid Robots
  3. Enter your Landline Number
    • Submit the present Active landline number (Bharat Fiber, DSL Broadband, direct Landline)
  4. Enter Account Number
    • Check the Account number printed in active telephone bill, if not available, check at BSNL customer care or nearest CSC.
  5. Enter Mobile number and EMail address
    • Submit your working mobile number and active eMail address.
  6. Click Register
    • Confirm your Registration.
BSNL Flash SMS Registration Portal

How to Deactivate BSNL Flash SMS Alert Service

If you feel that you privacy is missing with this Flash SMS Alert Services, you can have a procedure to still deactivate the services as mentioned below.

Send SMS to 09404001111 for Cancellation of Mobile Number and EMail address as CAN <space><Telephone No>*<Account Number>(Account number displayed on Telephone bill)

Ex:- CAN 044-22222222*1025458587

Deactivate only Mobile from Flash Alerts

Send CANM<space><Telephone No>*<account number> to 09404001111 for Cancellation of Mobile Number only

Ex:- CANM 044-22222222*1025458587

Deactivate only EMail Address from Flash Alert Service

Send an SMS CANE<space><Telephone No>*<Account Number> to 09404001111 for Cancellation of EMail Address only.

Ex:- CANE 044-22222222*1025458587

Along with billing details you can have an alert for BSNL bill payment about just 2 days before the due date, and BSNL Flash SMS Alert Services is really a good and best option as on date for all of BSNL Landline, Broadband and Bharat Fiber users, by allowing to activate / deactivate the service at anytime with simple SMS codes.

Is this Flash SMS alert service offered as Free or Not?

Absolutely, this is a free service, and no charges for registration and usage too, you will get free SMS on every transaction after registration.

Is the process different for some zones?

The defined procedure as said above is common for all customers across all Zones in India.

Any charges for other network mobile customers, who are registered?

At the time of registration, SMS charges are only collected from their operator to send SMS (to BSNL network), after registering, there is no charges for alerts.

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