DNS Server Not Responding – How to Fix DNS Server Error


Using different formats, you may resolve or fix DNS Server not responding issue on your Windows or MAC devices at any time, Follow the steps identified…

DNS Server Not Responding

DNS Port is a server that allows your website to be connected through a browser, and in case the IP address is out of date or having server issues, you will see a DNS error, where the issues can be fixed mostly by rebooting the devices, as the connection ports get reset as soon as the system is rebooted.

There are many ways that can be used to fix the Domain Server Name Error, as every time the issue will not be the same, and this must be taken on priority, as without getting the DNS error fixed or DNS Server Not Responding, you will not be able to connect to the internet.

DNS Server Not Responding
DNS Server Not Responding

DNS Server is Not Responding


In many cases the device will not be accepting the website page which you’re trying to connect through because of various issues that are not actually from your internet connection. Thus here are some basic troubleshooting steps that need to be checked to reset DNS error.

Use New Device: Use different devices such as Mobile, Tablet or Laptop being used might restrict the website page. If you still see the same error in the next device as well, then the issue might be with the Site End only.

Use Mobile Data: To ensure the same, use your mobile data to connect to the internet and try accessing the website. Mobile data might accept the website cookies and allow it to open in your browser.

Try New Browser: Download a new browser and try to connect to the website, as browser might also be an effect connecting to DNS error. The sites are defined with browser restriction, which gives similar DNS errors.

Reboot Device: Reboot your Laptop and Router at the same time by unplugging your router cable and power cable. Try reconnecting to the site once the connection is established again. This will resolve the issue in most cases.

Use Ethernet Cable: In many cases, the wi-fi will not be able to launch the website page. Thus you need to get the ethernet cable connected to your device from the router. This will give a direct internet connection to the device and make it able to accept the website.

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Flush DNS Cache to resolve DNS error in Windows & Mac

Here in this case, we will try to get the DNS cache clear, so that the old data will be cleared, and any blocking points will be deleted by clearing the cache.

DNS Cache Clean for Windows

These are steps to be followed for the windows server to troubleshoot the DNS error issue.

  1. Launch the Windows using the Start button from your keyboard
  2. Search for command Prompt to launch the Windows to enter command
  3. Here type ipconfig /flushdns in the command window and click on enter
  4. Restart your system to get the settings reflect to browser

This command will remove entire backend data from the DNS server and thus it will be all new to get used again.

DNS Cache Clear in Mac Device

These steps need to be followed, if you have the DNS error in the Mac device.

  1. Launching your Mac device and use the “Command + Space” button
  2. Open the Terminal from your Application to launch the window
  3. Type the Command as ‘sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder’
  4. Hit enter and wait for the command to execute
  5. Make sure you enter your administrator password for authentication
  6. RESTART Your browser and try to connect to website again

That’s it! The DNS cache is deleted from the Mac device which gives you access to the website. The issue will be cleared, as the old information from the DNS server is no longer saved which was blocking the launch of the website.

Disable Computer Network Settings

The wireless connection or Bluetooth that is connected to the device must be removed, which absolutely affects the connection issue to the website.

  1. Go to the device setting and select the Network Option
  2. Click on to disable the network device which is not being used
  3. Also, disable the connection from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

This will leave your device from an extra source of connection and remove the DNS error, and the Network must be cleared from the device connected to get the connection reset.

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