BSNL Complaint Online for Broadband, FTTH & Landline

Now there is no requirement to search for BSNL complaint booking number online or offline for Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and other cities or towns because BSNL complaint online is live to address the issues to higher authorities also in various ways…

BSNL Complaint

In India, plenty of consumers uses landline, mobile or BSNL internet services. But many are not entirely aware of the complaint redressal mechanism and how to register BSNL online complaint that too in just 15 seconds of time.

For all of them, we are here to guide about the latest BSNL online complaint portal to lodge your grievances and to know BSNL complaint status. We just start from the basic, and there are times, Indian telecom users break their head with frustrated telecom service since the time complaint lodged. Also, there is only BSNL landline complaint number available in all the states.

BSNL Complaint Online
BSNL Complaint Online

After some days, it overcomes over a contact through the phone to register BSNL complaint broadband or landline fault for rectification, and after some days, it also overcomes with new procedure as below, so just lodge a complaint on dialing 198 from any BSNL landline or mobile.

BSNL Complaint Number

Service IVRS Complaint Number Customer Care
Landline / Wings19818003451500
BSNL broadband complaint198 18003451504
BSNL Fiber (FTTH) 198 18003451504
WiFi 18004255300

It is the first level BSNL complaint booking number, dialing 198 and following the IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) procedure can take some time to select the option.

Every second is so valuable for everyone in this digital environment, to offer all them in this mobile age, BSNL introduces new online complaint portal for mobile, broadband landline customers to submit the grievances quickly without wasting time from anywhere.

There is no complaint letter format here, just file an online complaint about any of the below-mentioned issues you are facing relates to Landline, Broadband, and Bharat Fiber.

  1. BB ADSL Modem Link Failure
  2. Broadband Multi-User Configuration Problem
  3. BB Completely Out Of Order
  4. BSNL Modem Problem
  5. Broadband Username/Password
  6. BB Disturbance in the Line
  7. BB IPTV Complaint
  8. Broadband Modem Repurchase
  9. BB LAN/ Link Connection Break
  10. BB Line / LAN / DSLAMBreak
  11. Broadband No Internet Connection Broadband No Mail
  12. BB Page does not open
  13. Broadband Slow Speed
  14. BB Virus Problem
  15. BB Outlook Config Problem

Apart from broadband complaints, you can also book the following complaints related to the following.

  1. IP Centrex Complaint
  2. Cable Fault
  3. Completely Out of Order
  4. Speech Cutting
  5. Crosstalk with other lines
  6. No Speech
  7. Telephone Instrument Faulty
  8. No Incoming Call
  9. Low Speech
  10. No Incoming Ring
  11. Noisy Line
  12. Phone Dead

BSNL Complaint Booking Online

  1. Visit BSNL complaint portal at
  2. Click Register Complaint
  3. Select Service from a dropdown list (Landline, Broadband, Bharat Fiber Landline, Wings, BB over WiFi, BB over EPBAX)
  4. Enter STD Code (Submit with 0 Ex:- 040)
  5. Enter Landline Number (Submit 6/7/8 digit Landline number related to Fixed Line / Broadband / Bharat Fiber Service
  6. Select Complaint Type
  7. Select Suitable Reason for Complaint from drop down menu
  8. Enter Captcha code shown for security
  9. Click Submit Complaint
  10. Note down the complaint id displayed on the next page for future reference and also to check the complaint status
BSNL Complaint Booking Online

After registering, if you’re not available online, you can also know the BSNL complaint status by just calling to all India customer care number.

Even after that also, if you are not satisfied with BSNL online complaint services, then approach Appellate Authority (Chennai, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra etc.) through BSNL Public Grievance System and lodge your grievance online.

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