BSNL Bill Details – Complete Guide on BSNL Item Wise Charges


Check the complete info on BSNL bill details, disconnection and after reconnection, Find what happens if not paid, where to check the status and When legal notice issued to customer, what to do if we are not able to pay online, how to lodge bill complaint in online for failed payment

You might have missed some part of information about the BSNL bill payment for postpaid service, disconnections, complaints, and more related to a landline, broadband, FTTH, or mobile services.

Despite all of the concerns raised on BSNL broadband payment, Here we are impersonating the complete info on BSNL invoicing, due date, fees, disconnections, and finalization, refund, legal notice.

With this guide, you can have the detailed info about what you claim, when BSNL bill raised, when you have to pay, and when your broadband connection disconnected?

BSNL Bill Details
BSNL Bill Details

With this complete info on BSNL bill payment, you may have a complete idea about when you got some bill reductions too for your landline broadband or FTTH connection and how to claim?

What is BSNL billing cycle date?

  • For each Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited landline broadband customer and Fiber to the home (FTTH) customers, the billing schedule is every month. But for landline customers, it is bi-monthly (two months).
  • For BSNL postpaid mobile service, the bill will generates every month.
  • Anyone requires monthly bill relates to landline can request the authorities to send a monthly bill instead of two months.

When does BSNL bill generates for a new broadband connection?

The date of installation is the bill start date for BSNL broadband internet new connection.

  • Ex:- Assumes that, If a customer gets installed a new connection of on 25th May 2020 under BSNL 699 broadband plan, then he/she will get broadband bill only for 6days usage in that month(from 25th to 30th), and the approximate BSNL broadband bill for six days in that month is Rs.135 + GST alone.

BSNL Bill Issue & Payment Dates

ISP releases the landline, broadband, FTTH or any circuit bill in the first week (6th/7th) of every month for the usage of before month. From the release date, the pay by date (due date) for bill payment is 15 days. If released on 6th in a month means, 27th is the pay by date.

What happens If I have not paid the bill before the due date and when disconnects the postpaid service due to nonpayment?

The customer who subscribes for BSNL broadband internet, FTTH or normal landline connection will gets the remainders on registered mobile number and on email about the due date for payment frequently after issuing the bill.

Even if not paid the bill before due date, a late fee or penalty will add in the next coming telephone bill in percentage basis of the bill amount.

  • After 7days of pay by date, BSNL broadband, landline and FTTH connections leads to disconnection.
  • It means a customer will get disconnected for bill not paid from internet usage nearly after one month of completion.
  • From the date of the issue and after 90 days, BSNL closed the postpaid number related to landline, broadband mobile service permanently due to non payment of telephone due.

Late fee charges for non payment of BSNL bill within guard time

  • The late fee charges included in next bill for any kind of service is Rs.10 for an amount of postpaid bill below Rs.500.
  • Rs.20 will charge between Rs.500 to Rs.1000. Rs. 40 from 1000 – 1500.

How can i check, view and download BSNL bill online

  • You can have two options for bill view and download online
  • You can view the BSNL invoice and download duplicate bill online even upto latest 12months usage in whenever your required and also view or download bill payment receipts of old bills even at any time in BSNL Selfcare portal.

What happens after permanent disconnection due to non-payment of BSNL bill?

  • BSNL sends intimation letters/messages to the customer for their default payments and even if not paid the outstanding amount after receipt of the same, BSNL will proceed the case through a legal notice from the court.
  • After that, the default customer will have to pay the total dues of BSNL payment along with legal charges to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

BSNL broadband reconnection after payment when disconnected?

  • After payment of outstanding dues against the disconnected number, your BSNL broadband reconnection will process immediately on the same day. No need to call or submit an application before 60days of disconnection date.
  • If you pay the dues on the permanently disconnected number, then you have to submit an application to authorities for BSNL reconnection of same broadband connection.

Can we pay my BSNL broadband or landline bill through wallets?

Yes, you can pay your landline, broadband, and Fiber to home bill through any digital wallets. Some of the existing digital wallet facilities are.

  • BSNL Wallet powered by Mobikwik.
  • PAYTM Wallet
  • Google Pay

The wallets which are powered by BSNL is only responsible if payment issues any occured, if any problems related the payments of other third party wallets should take care only by the customer.

Services for BSNL broadband payment online

Among the various ways, these are primary targets for bill pay regularly without hurry to counters.

  1. BSNL online payment portal
  2. Online banking payments.
  3. ECS authorization.
  4. Third party web portal like PAY TM
  5. UPI Payments
  • BSNL is responsible if the amount deducted from the bank account and not credited to BSNL broadband billing register when paid through authorized online payment portal.
  • If you have made your payment through third-party websites or digital wallets, there is no responsibility of BSNL if amount not credited.

What to do and where to complain If amount deducted from bank account and not credited BSNL billing account

Generally, in this situation, your paid amount will reach to BSNL in the next day instead of the same day after payment reconciliation.

After two days, your BSNL broadband or landline paid amount will automatically credit to your payment register. If it not done, then the deducted amount will reverse to your bank account after 48 hours automatically.

If this is not cleared after 48 hours automatically, you have to send an email to BSNL with bill related details like bank transaction numbers etc.. check the details at this, about how to complain about BSNL bill amount deducted but payment not reflected.

How to claim rebate in BSNL postpaid amount for the days which is out of order?

If your internet connection(broadband, FTTH) or landline service is out of order, first complain to concerned authorities, if not rectified within the specified time, then you have a right to claim the rebate in the broadband bill as follows.

  • Submit your written request to your area BSNL Commercial Officer with a recommendation from your section in charge (JTO/SDE) Outdoor for bill rebate for the non service period. After persuasion of same, BSNL Commercial officer will place a request to concerned Accounts Officer (TR) for waiving off your broadband or landline due amount proportionately for non-working days.

Can BSNL charge me even after disconnection date if not submitted any letter for closure?

  • For non payment of BSNL outstanding amount, ISP disconnects your broadband/ FTTH or landline connection, if you need not requires to continue, submit a request for closure of the same.
  • After receipt of written request from you, ISP will consider the disconnection date as the closure date for calculation of final bill.

New payment systems are increasing day by day, so beware of BSNL bill payment before doing the digital transactions in other than authorized portal. Let us talk more through comments if you want to ask any other on this BSNL bill payment related issues.

How to get item wise details in telephone bill?

Just submit a request in letter format to commercial officer of BSNL to provide all Local + STD calls from next coming bill.

Is there any BSNL bill exempts from GST ?

Any subscription related to landline or broadband, FTTH services will includes GST at a rate of 18%.

Does the internet browse history will display on my BSNL broadband bill?

Yes, you will see the browsing history of your number on every BSNL monthly bill and each broadband bill will display the upload and download history in KB and total duration.

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