BSNL Speed Test (Broadband Bandwidth Meter Live Test*)


Check your internet speed on this BSNL speed test tool to test broadband speed on new bandwidth meter display on PC or mobile screen and find how to increase the broadband speed if slow speed identified in the test result with new measures to take on increase the BSNL bandwidth…

State owned telecom ISP Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited provides mobile, broadband and Fiber internet (FTTH) services to their valued customers with new speed test meter by submitting how to get rid from slow internet today.

BSNL Speed Test

We are all often tend to use the internet for many things like connecting with our friends, searching for related unknown information, browsing through various websites and many things and If we are not sure of the internet speed we are connected to, we can check it online with speed test and check the internet speed as per BSNL broadband plan or mobile data we are connected.

What is Internet Speed Test?

When you are connected to a network and not sure whether your Internet Service Provider is bound to their words or if you are not sure about the speed of the internet service you are using, then you can check the bandwidth of the broadband service you are using with speed test meter.

As the ISP (Internet Service Providers) promise or collect money from you for a particular plan activation, but in most of the cases, they provide barely 60% – 70% of what you actually used to get, So check your broadband or BSNL mobile data speed with the BSNL speed test and keep an eye on the internet speed you are enjoying which also allows you to stay away from fraudulent.

BSNL speed test online is an Indian based speed test online website through which one can test their internet speed they are connected to accurately and it measures broadband or FTTH latency along with the download and upload speeds of your internet service provider.

Irrespective of the connection you have like DSL, FTTH, 4G, 3G (with the advancement in the internet community) and we don’t think still many are using a 2G network) this service by BSNL internet speed test online will point out how fast your internet connection service is.

This also shows the download and upload speed of your broadband internet and carrier of the internet and also the server it is connected to is displayed on the result page, where the URL of the BSNL speed test results is provided below and the speed test case result to view it in a different tab or you can share those details in the case.

With this BSNL speed test provider, you not only can check your BSNL broadband or mobile data speed but can also check other operator’s internet service speeds. Whatever internet service provider you use, just check the speed with BSNL speed test and make sure you know the exact details of the speed.

When you are using a particular thing which is related to speed, we tend to seek more speed when we got a chance. So, do it with the internet service to increase the speed of the internet we are using by simply following some basic guidelines, then check them out here

BSNL Speed Test
BSNL Speed Test

How to get rid from slow internet today?

The speed of the internet depends on many aspects like hardware, wireless hardware, old desktops or old devices, internet settings or computer settings, just by following some careful precautions one can literally optimize the speed of the internet.

Many devices connecting to the same network: With many devices connected to the same network, the speed is distributed to all the devices equally and minimize or limit the connected devices to the same network to maximize the browsing speed.

Outdated hardware and software: We need to keep updated to the latest version of hardware or software we are using to enjoy the maximum benefits as the latest software are updated keeping in mind the older software defects.

Signal interference: If you are not in the range of signal reachability, your internet connection gets slow automatically, so please stay in the reach to get maximum speed without interruption.

Through DNS: Either by altering open DNS or Google DNS settings you can increase the speed of the internet service, and to achieve this, go to network connections and check the properties tab and alter the open DNS IP address to enjoy the faster speed, and also BSNL allocates different DNS servers zone wise to address the slow speed issues, check them and configure the same.

By following these methods you may not get lightning speed, but you can see the visible results in the speed of the internet you are connected to, so you can check the speed of any particular internet service that you are provided with any of the devices you have to own on your Tablet, desktop, laptop, smartphone and many more, so just make sure you are connected to the right service provider you are about to test the speed of your BSNL internet connection.

BSNL Speed Test to Increase Broadband Speed With Simple Solution

Are you getting your BSNL broadband speed as per your subscribed internet plan If not, do you know what are the steps followed by you to overcome this situation? Many of us, first start with BSNL speed test online. If not satisfied with that, they can search for how to find the way to increase BSNL broadband speed.

Nowadays, every App consuming more data in the background and the customers are connecting multiple Wifi devices to broadband service for browsing or downloading with single BSNL broadband speed service which allows many devices, but speed shares from that only.

How to increase BSNL broadband speed in unlimited plan

Many internet users are facing the problems, about their BSNL broadband speed and they are not getting the speed as per their subscribed plan, because of their configurations related with BSNL, but the customer himself can check the issue and complaint to concerned BSNL technical staff for increasing the BSNL broadband speed at their end.

If a problem is identified here only, there is no requirement for internet speed test also, where actually, as per technically possible condition, BSNL Servers has allocated the download and upload speed as per the subscribed plan and fix the limit at some point named as BSNL broadband port binding (in BSNL Technical words).

BSNL Port Binding for Broadband

BSNL port binding is the configuration information about internet speed and it is a logical construct identifies a particular process or a type of network service to determined for each address and protocol by a number, commonly known as the port number, and this port bonds with some limit for each BSNL broadband customer, according to with the plan opted.

If that port binding allotted as per the scheme, BSNL broadband speed will get by the client correctly as per the subscribed broadband plan, and if broadband port binding not allocated as per tariff, results to slow speed even accepted for the higher rate plan.

Broadband user, first confirm your subscribed plan and know the certain speed rate of that by calling to customer care or having a look at latest broadband plans of BSNL and follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open the browser on your Laptop/ Desktop / Tablet.
  2. Enter
  3. Another small window/ pop up appears to get into the admin.
  4. Enter the login details of the modem or router.
  5. Enter your modem User Name as Admin and password as password (as per you, if changed).
  6. Now you have logged in to your BSNL ADSL broadband modem.
  7. The complete details of the BSNL broadband port binding for speed will appear in Overview menu.
  8. In System Information, you will see your routers Model Name, Firmware Version, etc..
  9. Come down and see Internet Connection label, there you will notice about
    • DSL Status
    • Downstream Data Rate
    • Upstream Data Rate
  10. Downstream denotes the allocated bandwidth, and Upstream indicates upload speed (streams differed according to subscriptions).

As per the above, Assumes that, if a customer opts for 8Mbps plan, then he / she allows the upstream as 8*1024 = similar to 8192 kbps as upstream, If it allocates in similar to 2156 kbps, then it is the error, which results in lowest speed for the user, so If the above said downstream and upstream values are not up to the mark as per your BSNL broadband plan.

BSNL broadband speed complaint

  1. Register BSNL broadband slow speed complaint immediately at the concerned technical team to relocate the BSNL broadband port binding for your telephone number.
  2. So that, as per your complaint, the certain BSNL broadband unlimited plan speed is available to you to enjoy high-speed internet services.
  3. The technical team also didn’t know about the BSNL port binding problem up to your complaint.
  4. Because at the time of plan change/ new subscription, BSNL port binding takes place automatically for internet speed.
  5. You can also register BSNL complaint booking online for broadband speed issues (after calling of BSNL executives to you explain about the up and downstream values apparently).
  6. When a claim arises about the speed, BSNL checks whether the BSNL broadband port binding is correctly bound or not.

So check the simple steps about BSNL broadband port binding on login to your router and proceed further, if not up to the mark for your BSNL broadband speed, then it is one of the BSNL broadband slow speed solution, where if you have anything more to increase broadband internet speed please try to share with all BSNL consumers.

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