Port Airtel SIM to BSNL 4G Unlimited Offers (Cheapest*)

Here is the new process to port Airtel SIM mobile number into BSNL 4G network and the best monthly, 6 month and yearly cheapest MNP offers for Airtel Port Out customer enters into BSNL, check the status of mobile number portability if not completed…

After the hike in mobile tariff, Airtel 4G network raised their prepaid tariffs from time to time with effect from 2019. This results over burden on mobile recharge packs every month or for yearly, then why you have to bear that extra charges as a Airtel customer.

Airtel MNP to BSNL
Airtel MNP to BSNL

So, just utilize the opportunity of migration into BSNL mobile services a Government’s own network offering cheapest 3G/ 4G network recharge packs. Let’s have a look at all the facilities for an Airtel customer when PORTING into BSNL and process about how to PORT IN to BSNL, Let’s check

Airtel to BSNL Port Process

Porting SMS to send PORT <Your Airtel Mobile Number>
MNP SMS send to 1900
Applicable for All Airtel Prepaid / Postpaid Customers in India
PORT In Time Minimum 3 days & Max 7-10 days after submitting request
Port Out Time After 90 Days (from the date of activation in BSNL mobile network)
Airtel to BSNL Port Status Can Check at Customer Care or at nearest CSC
Special Recharge All Existing BSNL 4G Recharges (Monthly / Quarterly / month / Yearly) are applicable

Available BSNL Mobile Services to Airtel mobile customer on PORTING

  1. Special Combo Recharge Plans applicable for Airtel PORT OUT customers in BSNL 4G Network: Check now the latest prepaid cheapest offers (monthly/yearly)
  2. Latest BSNL 4G Data Plans available for Airtel customers – Find now
  3. Airtel Port In customer may recharge FRC in online – Check now
  4. Can check the frequently asked questions on MNP at any time – Complete details on BSNL MNP and More FAQs
  5. Find the MNP status of Airtel number if not Ported within guard time – Check now at Customer Care or at BSNL CSC

So just send the above or below mentioned PORT IN Code to 1900 through SMS. You’ll get a MOBILE NUMBER PORTING CODE on your mobile number within seconds/minutes as a reply SMS from Airtel network.

PORT <Your Airtel Mobile Number>

After getting the mobile number porting code from Airtel network, just approach nearest CSC or Authorized retailer of BSNL along with your Proof of Identity (POI) & Proof of Address(POA) to process the porting into BSNL through Sanchaar Aadhaar (DKYC).