BSNL Jalgaon Business Area BB / Mobile Plans and 21 CSC List


Updated customer service center list and new tariff plans are presented which are applicable for BSNL Jalgaon Business area, Choose the best and approach nearest CSC…

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has got various zones that are divided by the city they are situated in to provide service based on local customers, and if you’re a BSNL Jalgaon customer then you can directly visit the official website of BSNL to get the respective plans and details.

The BSNL Jalgaon Service center is always available to provide the service to customers to resolve their issues and queries, and customer issues in regards with payments and account settings can be easily done through direct customer service. Let’s find the list of CSC info located in 21 areas across the district.

BSNL Jalgaon Business Area CSC List Contact Details

CSC NameAddress of Customer CenterContact Telephone Number
DTO, JALGAONDTO Building, Jilha Peth JALGAON 425001.02572 221941
NIVRUTTINAGAR, JALGAONExchange, Nivruttinagar, JALGAON02572 252277
MAYADEVI NAGAR, JALGAONTelephone Exchange building Mayadevinagar, AT POTAL02572 262262
MIDC, JALGAONMIDC Tele Exchange Building, JALGAON02572 212992
RAMANAND NAGAR, JALGAONTelephone Exchange Building Jalgaon02572 282828
DTO BHUSAWALDTO Building, BHUSAWAL 02582 221992
AMALNERTelephone Exchange Building, AT PO AMALNER02587 223399
PAROLATelephone Exge Building, AT PO TAL PAROLA02597 222499
ERANDOLBSNL Exchange ERANDOL02588 244699
DHARANGAONTelephone exchange Building, DHARANGAON02588 251498
BHADGAONTle Exge, Bhadgaon.02596 228500
CHOPDATele Exge, CHOPDA02586 220034
JAMNERTelephone Exchange building, JAMNER02580 230020
MUKTAINAGARTelephone Exchange Building MUKTAINAGAR02583 222398
RAVERTelephone Exchange Building, RAVER02584 250001
SAVDATelephone Exchange, SAVDA02584 222150
YAWALTele Exge Building, YAWAL02585 261582
FAIZPURTelephone Exchange, FAIZPUR TAL YAWAL02585 245666
MCSC, JALGAON `DTO Building, JALGAON02572 223277
BSNL Jalgaon District CSC Contact Details

Jalgaon Business Area DSL / FTTH Broadband

  1. Maharashtra State Specific Authentic Tariff
  2. 300 Mbps Agreessive Speed Tariff on Bharat Fiber
  3. Decisive DSL Broadband Plans
  4. Ultra Speed Bharat Fibre at Low Cost for Up / Down Streams

GSM Mobile Services

  1. Maharashtra Specific Absolute Recharge Plans
  2. Compelling Mobile Internet Plans New Tariff Card
  3. Maharashtra Worth Checking Rate Cutters
  4. Best Rated BSNL Network Recharge Plans

As an BSNL customer you can put your direct questions and the online portal does always help you to make the online bill payments in quick time, where landline and broadband bill payments make it easier to get monthly bill payments along with having to choose a better plan.

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