BSNL Valid Documents for Proof of Identity & Address (POI / POA)


Check the valid documents required for proof of address (POA) and proof of Identity (POI) to obtain a new BSNL SIM card or landline / broadband / FTTH connection, and these are mandatory to provide BSNL document proof of address and Identity even after filled BSNL online application to get activation through Sanchar Aadhaar along with a live photograph.

After the Hon’ble Supreme orders on discontinuation of Aadhaar link, operator has introduced BSNL Digital KYC process to provide BSNL Mobile services and Broadband landline service for a customer or company/firm or for Government offices / PSUs, and with this new paperless processing of BSNL valid POI / POA documents with live photograph and signature, It’s always going to be easy getting a new BSNL New SIM card or a BSNL broadband telephone connection for your home or office, and also, there is no kind of misuse taken place with new Digital KYC processing.

Let’s check all the BSNL SIM documents required for an individual or for firms and the documents required for BSNL landline connection or broadband service for a bulk user to process for new services, also find all the queries and solutions on BSNL new connection valid POI / POA documents required.

What is POI ?

Proof of Identity(POI) is the document which may be used to verify the aspects of a person’s personal identity in the form of a small, mostly standard-sized card issued by Govt of India / Department / Organization or any authorized agency.

What is POA ?

POA is Proof of Address and it is a document, which may use to specify the Residential / Business details in the form of a document issued by Government / Department.

BSNL has given a broad list of choice of documents for your convenience as per the term cell guidelines, Check here about what are the acceptable documents will serve as Proof of Identity and Proof of Address while applying for new BSNL telephone connection, All the BSNL valid POI / POA documents are allowed with self attestation of the applicant only if processed manually.

List of documents for BSNL Proof of Identity and Address

Documents for Proof Of Identity (POI)Documents for Proof Of Address (POA)
Passport (having present validity time)Passport (Expired passport not allowed)
Aadhar Card by UIDAIAadhaar Card of Unique Identification Authority Of India
Arms LicenseArms License
Driving License with validityDriving License with present validity
Election Commission ID cardElection Commission ID card
Ration card with photo (person whose photo affixed)Ration card with address
Income Tax PAN cardWater Bill(not older than last three months)
Photo credit cardLandline Bill of BSNL (not older 3 months)
Address card with photo issued by Dept. of PostsElectricity Bill(not older than last 3 months)
Smart card issued by CSD, Defence, ParamilitaryIncome Tax Assessment order
Current passbook of post office /any scheduled Govt bank having photoVehicle Registration Certificate
Photo Identity Card (of central Govt./PSU or state Govt./PSU only)Registered Sale/Lease Agreement
Freedom fighter card having photoAddress card with photo issued by Dept of Posts / GOI
Pension card having photoCurrent passbook of post office/ scheduled bank(Govt/PSU) having latest 3-6 months transactions (identifying live account)
 Freedom Fighter Card with Address
 Pensioner’s card with address

Required from company / firm for BSNL new connection

Many of the startup’s and companies are required BSNL new landline connections or FTTH or the SIM cards in the name of their firm/companies, When it is required, the following valid POI / POA documents must have to submit to process for BSNL landline connection or SIM cards in the name of their companies.

  1. Company / Firm registration.
  2. Company PAN card.
  3. GST Registration.
  4. Firm Proprietor / MD proof (Authorized document showing Managing Director of the company).
    • Firm Owner personal ID and Address proofs (POI/POA)
  5. Rental deed agreement (If it is own building – Provide any of the address proof as above in the list with the address).
  6. In case of partnership concern , All partners or any one of the partners duly authorized OR person with the Power of Attorney may sign. In case of partnership concerns copy of Power of attorney for authorization.
  7. Partnership deed in case of company, a copy of the articles of association to be attached.
  8.  In case of company, signature should be of person on behalf of a company, in accordance with the provisions of articles of association. Public limited company may enclose certificate of incorporation along with any proof of identity of the authorized officer of the company.
  9. For sole proprietary concern the proprietor may sign himself and affix rubber stamp on the form overhead.

For Government Offices

  • In case of Govt Of India undertaking, Government of India offices /state Govt offices a self certificate on the letter head will suffice along with the name and designation of the coordinating officer.
  • Documents to be submitted along with new connections regarding signing authority.
  • Photo Identity card issued by Government or statutory authority.
  • Public limited company may enclose certificate of incorporation along with any proof of identity of the authorized officer of the company.

Documents required from Foreigners

In case of foreign missions in India and other foreign agencies the name and designation of the authorized officer along with details of officials etc., are required for whom the cellular mobile phone is intended,

BSNL Required document from Outstation Customers

In case of outstation customers details of local references are required in addition to their proof of Identity and proof of address in the above list to treat as local customers, Local reference name, address and phone number should be compulsorily obtained for customers not residing in BSNL home circle.

So, if your are any kind customer, i.e. Individual or Firm/ Company, provide any of the above mentioned BSNL valid POI / POA documents to ISP required to provide you the required BSNL services at your doorstep, and If having any queries on this, please call BSNL customer care or post through comments.