WiFi Keeps Dropping, 6 Ways to Fix WiFi Dropping Issue

Even though connected to a WiFi connection, but WiFi keeps dropping might seem like a small issue at first, but if you are in middle of business call or trying to stream a movie or video, then the issue might just get to your head.

I understand how it stands out because you won’t able to stream or attend calls and do nothing because the internet keeps dropping out in the middle of nowhere with WiFi issues. Also you may try to check about why does my WiFi keep disconnecting?

WiFi Keeps Dropping

Do not worry because it’s not just you, who is facing this issue because there are others as well who go through the same. So, in this article we will discuss different reasons why this issue occurs. At the same time, we will explain you about different methods to solve the issue.

wifi keeps dropping
WiFi Keeps Dropping

Check if Network Overloaded

Before you continue down with the below reasoning and methods. It is all to troubleshoot the issue and to ensure to check if your WiFi network overloaded or not.

If it’s overload, it means that number of users allow on your network have fill completely. In simple terms, the number of devices connected using your WiFi router. This leads to internet being use by all devices at once resulting the WiFi dropping issue.

In that sense, you need to check if all devices are your own or the ones you want to have. If not, then remove connection from some of the unwanted devices. Make sure to change your WiFi password as well, so those devices removed won’t connect back.

Not in WiFi connection range

One of the basic things that we forget to check to see is that if we are in the wifi range and if not, then surely you will experience the wifi dropping issue because wifi routers cannot server internet outside their connection range.

The Internet connection is unstable and bad

This scenario is when the external conditions such as the bad weather in the atmosphere like rain, wind and snow is causing the error because such dense weather will either break the fiber cables or cause internal disturbance to the connection signals as well. In such a way that these conditions will cause an interference to your wifi signals and it might lead to your internet connection being unstable and bad as well.

In this case, all you can do is contact your Internet service provider in case there may something they can do or wait until weather conditions settled.

Problem with your device

Many times we forget to check if our own device using the connection has some issue or at the same time the wifi router broken as well causing the error. In that case, first you need to check if the laptop, computer or phone used is correct by connecting them with some other wifi.

If that works, then try to troubleshoot your wifi router if that does not work then you need to replace it as these won’t cost much at the end of the day to have a proper and stable connection.

Problem with the LAN Cable

In this case you might not notice the issue because your Local Area Network cable from your internet service provider may broken, ripped or damaged due to different reasons which is why your connection would become unstable and the wifi keeps dropping at the same time.

Cross check if the LAN connection to your wifi router is proper and also check the outside wire cable if there is any damage towards it. The most possible way to get this resolved is to contact your ISP and ask them to switch the wire with the newest ones in quick time.

Update Wireless Router Adapter Drivers

If all above troubleshooting methods do not work then there is surely an error with your wireless router adapter settings. This may access from your device manager and then try to update with the latest ones possible.

In case if you switch to an old version of Windows then the error occurs. It is due to adapter settings downgraded as well. During those times we commonly experience the adapter not functioning since it cannot provide framework for latest bandwidth and all. So, simply upgrade to the latest version of wireless router adapter driver and this issue may resolve immediately. check more details at about WiFi at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi

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