Jio Installation and Activation for Best Fiber Service


The company has brought amazing plans for their customers which attracts to get themselves connect with the Jio Installation and activation service. Any plan you select from Jio, the installation and activation process are going to be the same.

The process of Engineer and Technician visiting your home or office for laying the Wire and other products of Reliance Jio for easier internet connection. The dedicated employee of Reliance Jio will always try to have an easy connection. They will provide you best service to ensure that connection laid will be strong enough for longer life.

Jio Installation and Activation
Jio Installation and Activation

Reliance Jio Installation

Reliance Jio has got efficient staff that works in business hours for new connection and round the clock to encounter any line disturbance. Once submitted the application through official website of Reliance Jio, an engineer may allocat for your service. The engineer will take approximately 2 hours to get installation done. It’s all by drawing the LAN wire from HUB box to your house connection.

The Reliance Jio Installation for New Broadband connection does charge you Rs 1000 and Rs 1500. This may refundable and non-refundable respectively as per norms. The charges applicable for WIRE and other products being used to get connection attached. Engineers from Reliance Jio will look behind everything for connection and make sure your new Broadband connection is reliable.

The Activation will not take more than 30 minutes, once the proper installation of Reliance Jio done. There will be many points to check the wire drawn from the HUB box must have an empty slot for new customers and as well the connection between wires must firmly attached.

Once the technician does look for everything in these aspects, the Reliance Jio connection to your router or modem activated through the customer service directly.

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Technicians will give a call to the customer service with the successful hardware setup. Once seeing a green indicator, the Reliance Jio Customer service will then activate your ID and allow you to access the credentials that are provided to you to make your connection secure. At the start of activation, you might get delay to access internet, but once everything setup may free to access.

Does Jio Installation and Activation Done by Different Engineers?

In most cases the engineer for the installation and activation will be different, as both the world does require experience in their own aspects. During your Reliance Jio Installation service, both the engineers will visit your home or office at same time and will work together to get activate your connection.

Is it mandatory to Pay a security Deposit for Reliance Jio Connection?

As per the regulation of the Reliance Jio Industry, the product supplied to customer which modem needs to secured and protected. Under these rules, the company does charge you the refundable amount which may given back to you if you wish to disconnect with the Reliance Jio Internet service at any time.

Can i change the appointment for Reliance Jio Connection?

As per customer continence the Reliance Jio Customer service will make the changes in the slot for engineer visits to your connection request. Required to inform the customer service for best possible time for their visit and get your quick Reliance Jio connection to serviced through the process of installation & activation.

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