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Login to FMS BSNL and Manage all your Bharat Fiber(FTTH) connection services online using, Find Commissions, Wallet, OLTE reports, along with ERP Invoices in BSNL FMS to present for a claim…

BSNL being traditional player and has many franchisees working under it. To establish a platform to all the franchisees or TIPs who is known as Telecom Infrastructure Providers, make them work with ease, an online software tool calls BSNL Franchise Management System is being provided to manage their BSNL Bharat Fiber customer data base, for respective business and to get new business.


This online tool FMS BSNL provides an interface to all the Franchisees on PAN India basis, to meet various functionalities like

  • Enabling Franchisees to create Log ins to monitor their customer connections
  • Creating new Customer / Business by franchisees (Customer data Creation)
  • Modification of business as per customer’s requirement (Activation of different services opted by customers at the soonest)
  • Monitoring and Tracking the faults to facilitate fast restoration of services to customers
  • Generating reports for different fields like creations, faults, orders, payments
  • Tracing customer’s payments and invoices
  • Details of commissions received and reporting.
  • Account management, team management, reporting module and commissioning reports
  • Systematically guides the user to perform their operations at ease.
ServiceFMS BSNL (Franchisee Management System of BSNL)
Toll Free Number18005990088
Email Address[email protected]
Franchisee Management Login

BSNL Franchisee Management System is a unified software module for Franchisees with the different verticals and functional requirements. It consists of the following basic modules as a proposed solution.

  • Sales (BSNL Fiber for Normal and Enterprise data services)
  • Work
  • Maintanence
  • Accounts
  • Team
  • Reports
  • Commission Reports
  • ERP Invoices
  • FTTH Wallet
  • Helpdesk and more

The individual registered with Franchisee Management System and helps the BSNL grow their customer, will be provided with 50 percent of margin on their sales.

The BSNL broadband plan, BSNL fiber plan, BSNL Air Fiber plan, and other fiber services of BSNL are provided to the local distributors who are a part of BSNL FMS. Every authorized agent will be provided login access to the BSNL Franchisee Management System portal, through which they can ensure to spread the network and grow the connectivity of people through BSNL services.


It is quite well known that in the current scenario, the competition in the telecom sector has been growing. The arrival of Jio has mostly captured the customer of BSNL and other older network providers.

In this way of competition, BSNL is making its way towards the villages by providing fiber services through the Franchisee Management System. This system of franchisees does help BSNL to get access to village individuals in villages to every small and big area.

Who are eligible for BSNL Franchise (TIPs)

As per the rules and regulation of the BSNL, there is a list of individuals who will only be selected to opt for the Franchisee Management System. These eligible candidates will only be allowed to be a part of FMS.

  • Resident Welfare Association,
  • Telecom Infrastructure Providers,
  • Builders,
  • DIDs,
  • System Integrators,
  • Franchisees,
  • Registered companies,
  • Society,
  • Local Cable Operators,
  • BSNL Retailer,
  • Direct Selling agents,
  • Telecom Service Provider,
  • Local Entrepreneurs,


Here is the process of login into BSNL FMS services by the individual who has been registered with the Franchisee Management System.

  1. Visit the official website of BSNL Franchisee Management System portal by using the link
  2. Enter your Username along with password allotted by BSNL
  3. Click on Sign in button to access the FMS portal
  4. That’s it, The individual who has received the credential can access their page from Franchisee Management System, through which they will be able to provide services of BSNL to customers as TIPs (Telecom Infrastructure Providers).

How to Reset Password

Have you forgotten your Franchisee Management System password or lost it, then you can make use of these process and get access to FMS page using new password

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Forgot Password link and wait for page to load
  3. Tap on Send OTP to Registered Mobile and wait for a while
  4. Enter the received OTP and submit it to verify your identity
  5. Set the new password and click on confirm button to submit it
  6. That’s it, The new password for the Franchisee Management System BSNL portal has been changed, which can be use in future to access the direct services from BSNL and provide it to customers.

How to Register as BSNL TIPs

An authorized can register as BSNL partner or TIPs, if they are in the eligible list of FMS BSNL. Make sure you follow these steps and get access to Franchisee Management System.

  • Approach your SSA/BA Franchisee Manager
  • Submit you Expression of Interest (EOI) for engagement of TIPs
  • After getting sanction, you may informed
  • Get the receipt of the sanction along with User ID and Password for FMS BSNL
  • Once you have registered as TIPs of that are, you may login to BSNL FMS portal and access the services of various services.

BSNL Franchisee / Partner Registration Online

The Process is very simple, if you have got good marketing skills which help BSNL to explore their network in your locality, and here the detailed process which will help you to get register as BSNL Franchisee.

  1. Visit the BSNL Franchisee registration link
  2. Click on Register
  3. Fill out the details (Company Name, Surname, Address, Circle, SSA)
  4. Enter Message
  5. Click on Submit button
  6. Once your details submitted, BSNL executive will review it
  7. Based on your filled details, an executive will contact at earliest. They proceed for further processing by sending their local executive for detailed explanation of the future with BSNL.
  1. Are there any registration fees for BSNL FMS?

    There are no registration fees for the Franchisee Management System, indeed the individual has to be a local approved dealer or authorized service provider to get the Franchise form BSNL. No advance or due amount will be asked by the BSNL from the Franchise holder.

  2. What are the charges for FTTH TIP partner if OLTEs installed at BSNL premises?

    BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) TIP partners has to pay 3kinds of charges to BSNL, if OLTEs installed at BSNL premises. The charges are
    1. One Time Charges for Installation of OLT by TIP: Rs.5000.
    2. Security Deposit is One Year Infrastructure Charges (i.e. Rs. 20000 or 10000 which differs area wise and decided by BA.
    3. Yearly Infra Charges as per mentioned in point 2.
    At present many of the circles waives all the charges for 1st year as an opportunity, and allowing them to pay yearly infra charges from 2nd year.

  3. Who will get a commission from BSNL FMS?

    As per the rules, the BSNL Franchisee Management System Incharge of the area will process the invoices regarding commission earned. The individual once provide Fiber services of BSNL, the amount of commission will be added to their account as per the conditions. The total amount may credit to the Franchise holder at the end of every month.

  4. Will BSNL FTTH Partner receive commission on customer plan upgradation?

    Cluster Partners(TIPs) shall not get sales or Plan upgradation commission for converting of existing BB connections to FTTH or higher plan upgration for existing Fharat Fiber. Only Revenue share will be paid to TIPs on payment of customer bill. All the commission and Incentives should process through FMS BSNL and ERP modules only.

  5. Is the Franchisee Management System BSNL is authorized and legal?

    Yes, to grow the network in every corner of India the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has come forward to get sources from local areas to increase their customers. The BSNL directly deals with the Franchisee Management System and ensure there are authorized dealers who are a part of the franchisee.

  6. Can I update my mobile number in BSNL FMS?

    The individual can update their mobile number once they login to their Franchise Management System page. They can update the mobile number and confirm it with the OTP sent on an older mobile number registered with BSNL.

  7. What if I don’t make customers for BSNL with /without BSNL FMS?

    If there is no increase in customers of BSNL by respective Franchise, the performance of BSNL Cluster partner shall be observed for a minimum of 3 monhtts and shall be the deciding criterion for permitting or not permitting a cluster partner for FTTH business.

  8. Is Same wallet (Dealer id) used by Franchisee for FTTH Franchisee & DGS agreement in same SSA

    Irrespective of number of agreements , Franchisee codes data need to be merged for efficient handling of the vendor bills. The System has been designed considering that there is no uniform process across the Circle / SSAs(BA). In Some Circles same franchisee has been allotted hundreds of Franchisee codes and also 8 to 10 agreements within the same SSA/BA.

  9. Whether FTTH Wallet dealer ID of FTTH partner may use in multiple SSAs/BAs?

    BSNL FMS invoices are generated SSA/BA wise in case of TIP working in multiple SSAs. Hence respective SSA may pay the bill.

  10. Can Authorized BSNL TIP may provide connections in any area?

    No, BSNL allowed and kept a jurisdiction at the time sanctioning the authorized agency, So in that area and under that exchange only, the TIPs may provide BSNL Fiber services. The areas may also decided based on limitation of existing primary underground cable and in new developed areas like high rise buildings, commercial complexs etc.

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