Jio Netflix Activation Offer for Postpaid User


Reliance Jio Netflix activation offer is an amazing one for the post-paid user with an activation of most used OTT Apps. Applications like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney and more variety offered for free under the Reliance Jio Postpaid Plan.

The post-paid subscribers of Jio can enjoy the various services under these Rs 399 plans and experience free access to the OTT Apps. There is a catch , as users need to select the Reliance Jio Postpaid Plus plan for these offer activation, as it not available for the regularly used Reliance Jio Postpaid subscribers. Make way to use the OTT Apps by subscribing to the amazing Jio Postpaid Plus plan for monthly or yearly based on your Reliance Jio Plan usage.

Jio Netflix Activation
Jio Netflix Activation

Reliance Jio Netflix Activation Offer

Reliance Jio is an emerging telecom industry which has brought various service plans to the customer. In its very good space, Reliance Jio does bring low cost and efficiency plans to customers to get them attracts to their wider telecom network.

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The Reliance Jio Netflix Offer does bring a surprise offer with free Netflix which may directly accessed through the Jio Postpaid Plus login. The Post-paid Plan for Reliance Jio is between Rs 399 to Rs 1499 based on your choice, customers can choose any plan to get free access to the Netflix account. Customers need to use Telco to connect your existing Reliance Jio account with the Netflix Account.

The process to get the Reliance Jio Netflix activation offer is very easy, as the customer needs to select the post-paid plus offer form the Jio plans. The offer needs to activate through the Reliance Jio website or by using the MyJio Application.

Follow the below process if you have got a new account or wanted to connect your existing Netflix account with the Reliance Jio Postpaid number.

How to Activate Reliance Jio Netflix Offer

  1. Visit the Reliance Jio website and login with your Reliance Jio postpaid number.
  2. Link your existing Netflix account and connect it to get activated.
  3. Login to your MyJio app
  4. Select the Netflix account from the service of OTT Apps.
  5. These will open your account in Netflix and then your Reliance Jio offer may activated.
  6. Delay in linking your Reliance Jio Number with the Netflix account , will cost you as the Netflix account will charge you until the Reliance Jio Offer activated.
  7. The membership valid until your post-paid plus plan activated and once it expires, Netflix will again start charging for the same.
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Until when Reliance Jio Netflix Offer is Applicable?

The Offer which given under Reliance Jio Postpaid Plus plan will be available for the customer until their recharge plan subscription. The customer who used the subscriber plan for monthly or yearly, until then the Reliance Jio Netflix Offer applied and available free for you.

Can Reliance Jio Netflix Cancelled?

Yes, if the subscription plan ends or the customer has any time to cancel the plan by any means. The Reliance Jio Netflix Offer will be void if the subscription term has expired or you have logged out from the Post-paid Plus offer to avail any other better Reliance Jio Offers.

Does Reliance Jio Netflix Offer applicable for Multiple Numbers?

No, the Reliance Jio Netflix Offer applicable only for the customer with one number who used using the Reliance Jio Postpaid number. Only accounts of Netflix accessed or linked with MyJio allowed to access Reliance Jio Netflix Offer.