What is DNS and How DNS Port Work

What is DNS DNS Port which abbreviated as Domain Name System used to configure and sync the Domain name from a Domain Service Provide to an IP Address of a hosting. In order for a website hosted on the Internet and to function smoothly, there should fixed DNS and it translates the required information to

What is TTL in DNS & Best TTL Value for DNS

Get detailed on TTL and also in particular for TTL in DNS record. Just check TTL in DNS stand for and meaning, Shorter TTL example followed by best value for DNS settings… If you are a webmaster or ad ops specialist then you might have set up a lot of DNS records for websites you

BSNL DNS Server IP Address List for High Speed Internet

What is BSNL DNS, Find what to do if BSNL DNS server not responding and the different BSNL DNS server IP address launched and mentioned in list of various regions (Chennai, Karnataka, Maharashtra etc..)… BSNL DNS Server The pillar of the broadband internet we use is BSNL DNS, As usual, we all know about Google

BSNL DNS Server Not Responding, What to do?

Don’t worry about BSNL DNS server not responding, now you can just resolve your Broadband / FTTH internet speed issues without any plan change? First you just clear all the loaded cookies and follow BSNL DNS configuration steps. At present some of the broadband users are facing with BSNL DNS server not responding issue, it

Change BSNL DNS Server Address with New AnyCast Settings

Login to your PC or modem and change BSNL DNS to Any Cast settings in your gadget with new primary and secondary DNS address to get high speed internet… If your web address has not resolved any errors which you getting in browsing you will get an HTTP error code “404” if your BSNL DNS