Call Forwarding Code & Call Forwarding Deactivate Code

Call forwarding code and Call forwarding deactivate code is the options for mobile users of Airtel, BSNL, Jio and VI networks. Check the codes for activation and deactivate along from mobile settings…

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is an option which is available in all Mobile device that allows the customer to get their call diverted to another number. These diversion will be based on the option selected by the customer, as when an incoming call is received it will be sent to another number if user is busy, number not reachable, phone switch off, specific number diversion and more.

Thus customer has plenty of option which can be used form the list to set their Call forwarding. The same Call forwarding if not necessary, can be removed anytime by the customer by using simple steps but not actually lengthily as which used while setting call forwarding.

Here are the steps which you can follow to deactivate call forwarding from the Mobile Setting. The navigation to the Settings might differ from device to device but the option to choose will be similar.

How to Deactivate Call Forwarding

  1. Get your Smartphone Phone and Go to the Call Settings
  2. Go to call settings either from Settings or Phonebook
  3. Now click on Option which is three dotted lines at top
  4. Here scroll down and click on Settings to load more options
  5. Scroll down to view Call Forwarding option to view options
  6. Click on Voice Call and then tap on Turned Off to disabled
  7. Chose Turn off for all options in list to disable call forwarding

Customer does have option to stop call forward by calling to the predefined number form their dial pad. These will deactivate the call forwarding from the device, which also differs from network provide

Call Forwarding Deactivate Code

Jio Call forwarding Activate / Deactivate code

Service MMI Activation Code Deactivation Code
Unconditional Call forwarding*401*<number>*402
Unable to answer*403*<number>*404
While Busy*405*<number>*406
Not Reachable*409*<number>*410
Stop the facility for all calls *413

Airtel Call forwarding Deactivate code

Service MMI Activation Code Deactivation Code
No Answer **61*<number>##61#
Not Reachable **62*<number>##62#
While Busy**67*<number>##67#
Forward all calls**21*<number>##21#

BSNL Call forwarding Activation / Deactivation code

Service MMI Activation Code Deactivation Code
No Answer **61*<number>###61#
Phone Switch Off**62*<number>###62#
While Busy with Others**67*<number>###67#
Forward all Incoming calls**21*<number>###21#
Cancel all Instances ##002#

VI Mobile Call forwarding Activation / Deactivation code

Service MMI Activation Code Deactivation Code
No Answer **61*<number>##61#
Not Reachable**62*<number>##62#
While Busy with Others**67*<number>##67#
Forward all Incoming calls**21*<number>##002#

The above are the different options for different mobile networks, so as a user, you can opt for the applicable network, and also we request you to provide any other codes if you have for circulation to other users.