BSNL SMS Center Number to Send Outgoing SMS Message


Circle / State wise BSNL SMS Center number updated with with new format, Check your circle BSNL Message center number and update in your mobile sms settings to get hassle free outgoing text messages…

What we can do if BSNL outgoing SMS not working, what is the main cause for message not sent in mobile and what is the latest BSNL SMS center number of our circle and how to change SMS center number android or iPhone or featured phone? Let’s find the possible solutions instantly to get rid from BSNL outgoing SMS not working issues with new message center…

Do you know in what situation does a user gets a pop-up BSNL SMS sending failed on a mobile screen, Also unable to send sms from BSNL Mobile, whether it is prepaid or postpaid. There are some few reasons why BSNL message center number corrupted regarding account activation, disconnection and even with BSNL SMS centre number for not posting the text messages. Just check the different region and their numbers.

BSNL SMS Center Number

ParticularsSMS Center Number
BSNL Message Service Center number for Andaman Nicobar, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, NE1(Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya), NE2 (Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur), Orissa and West Bengal includes Sikkim.+919434099997
BSNL SMS Service number for Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra includes Goa +919422099997
BSNL SMS Center Number Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh (HP), Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, UP(East), UP(West) and Uttaranchal+919417099997
BSNL Message Center number for Andhra Pradesh (AP), Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu.+919442099997

Most probable reasons will discuss in detail about BSNL SMS Center Number with suitable solutions to get rid of outgoing SMS not working, and the following are most occurred reasons for message not sent cases is

  1. Mobile number validity expired.
  2. BSNL SMS center number changed.
  3. Subscribing for bundled or SMS pack offers of BSNL and exhausted, but not having the account balance.

In the first case, when a customer recharge with validity vouchers or required BSNL recharge plan can send BSNL outgoing SMS immediately, but you will get rid of the second one after you change BSNL SMS center number to default.

After launching the world’s largest messaging platform WhatsApp, there is a considerable decrease in figures for sending text messages from each user, but the text SMS service is required as mandatory because Whatsapp requires a data connection and also can’t address the reply messages to banking servers or others like Do Not Disturb (DND) and more.

For sending SMS from mobile, there is a server sending address number called BSNL SMS center number, If it kept as blank or typed as wrong with another results message sending failed.

Follow the process to check the SMS center number and change to default to get rid of error “BSNL message not sent.” Here we will show you the screen settings of Android 7 mobile.

How to Change BSNL SMS center number in mobile

  1. Tap messages on your mobile
  2. Click on top-right three dotted lines
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click More Settings
  6. Message center (If two/three SIM’s available, select the correct SIM slot)
  7. Delete the existing number if varied from above table and enter the said BSNL message center number.
  8. Click Save on the top right.
  9. Try to send a text message immediately for confirmation about BSNL outgoing SMS.

BSNL SMS Center Change Process using USSD Dial Code

Why is my BSNL mobile number not receiving SMS?

  • Some of the users can give a complaint to the operator about the incoming messages. But actually, there is no restriction on incoming messages.
  • Mobile users can restrict only outgoing messages by changing BSNL message center number, but there is a chance of limiting marketing messages when registers at Do Not Disturb (DND).

The following are the SMS service center numbers provided by the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in four zones across India. The customer of the particular state can check the number in the following list. Save the indicated BSNL SMS center number in your mobile to get rid of outgoing SMS problem.

Why is my message center change to another number?

The only one chance for changing of BSNL message center number is unauthorized usage. So be aware of others when your mobile is using by the third person.

BSNL SMS center number and validity available, but outgoing message not sent, Why?

  • If a customer checks the two steps and confirms that the validity and BSNL SMS center number is available, then he/she can check the same SIM by inserting in another mobile.
  • Even if the problem remains as same, please contact customer care or nearest support center for rectification of the problem or SIM replacement with another 3 in 1 repluggable or BSNL 4G SIM card.

The said SMS center number couldn’t change or disabled at any interval, and If any queries on BSNL SMS center number change to get rid from outgoing SMS not working, make sure you let us know in comments, we will reply with a suitable solution.

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