Configure BSNL APN Settings for iPhone 4G Mobile Internet

Here we assist you about how to set BSNL APN settings for iPhone or iPad, and why iPhone mobile data is not working in iPhone when roaming, find all the possible solutions now…

In this era, the first thing is activation of mobile data, because without the Internet, everything is null and void, for having a new Android / iPhone and for partying also you need Internet, and as everything is available on online order, which you can place sitting anywhere you like.

If you are having an iPhone or iPad, you are the one carrying the most expensive premium smartphone which designs with best creative features, then If you are with BSNL prepaid or postpaid mobile number, and you can bet the availability of mobile internet connectivity in that phone at last mile also.

For iPhone user, being a BSNL subscriber is really a good option, After getting a BSNL mobile connection and inserting the GSM SIM card into iPhone or iPad, all BSNL APN settings for iPhone or parameters will be pushed by the service provider automatically.

If not or you want to check or update BSNL net settings for iPhone manually, please follow the screen shots to configure the APN (Access Point Name) on your iPhone.

How to Configure BSNL APN settings in iPhone

Reset your iPhone BSNL APNs within 1 minute.

Follow the each step to activate BSNL net settings iPhone manually, and these are similar in all Apple products, We are submitting the screenshots of Apple iPhone 7+, and all the settings may be the same for all older versions of iPhone 6, 5 and 4 and higher versions upto Apple iPhone 10 XR/S

  1. First Unlock your iPhone

  2. Go to Homepage

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Next page will open in your iPhone

  5. Press Mobile Data

  6. Click on Mobile Data Options

  7. Press Mobile Data Network to get the BSNL APN Settings for iPhone

    BSNL iPhone APN Internet Settings

  8. Reset Mobile data APN page as blank (APN, Username, and Password)

    Reset all, if your settings are activated with any other APN names

  9. Don’t Install any other APNs for LTE

    At present, BSNL didn’t offer any type other internet settings for LTE or 4G network, so there is no need to put the APNs in LTE Setup also, Keep all the settings as blank

With this above clear navigation, now you may know how to configure Apple’s iPhone for BSNL mobile internet with new APN settings for iPhone from old version 4 to the latest iPhone 10, and If you have any query on the configuration of BSNL Net Settings, please post us, we will assist you immediately.

How to Activate BSNL Mobile Data in National Roaming

  1. Why iPhone BSNL Mobile data is not working in national roaming?

    Just Switch ON the mobile data roaming facility in your iPhone to access the free/paid mobile data when travels in national roaming.

  2. Is the iPhone APN automatically configured?

    Yes, but when reset with other APN's, the mobile data of BSNL network does not work, and at that time, you have to reset with the above steps.

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29 thoughts on “Configure BSNL APN Settings for iPhone 4G Mobile Internet”

  1. After activating Data plan for 150gb using “START X” SMS to 1925,my internet stopped working on iPhone with BSNL postpaid connection. Also personal hotspot does not work even though I typed “Bsnlnet” in personal hotspot field on iphone (tried rebooting after adding this field ,does not help). Tried to contact customer care multiple times but they don’t have any clue and they keep on asking me to visit BSNL office. In the days of fast speed internet,BSNL is still making us go to nearest offices. Such a Irony. Thinking of porting to different providers. #FrustratedCustomer

  2. I have iphone se , i am not able to send any messages but calls are getting connected, For updating SMS Service Center Number in iphone i have called “50057672*9417099997# “ It is showing error performing request.

    What do i do , really irritated with this problem, Plz help

    • I have an iPhone I did a 197 recharge for 180 days 2gb/day recharge for me and my brother, his sim is working while mine isnt, it worked for few days but not for 4 days, provide me assistance, help me

  3. हमारे यहाँ कोई भी नेटवर्क नहीं आता है, मेरा पता ग्राम खेमन छपरा पोस्ट kohagaddi पिनकोड 274802, हम bsnl मे port karke आये हैं, 35/40 fit uper 3 mangileper janeper roming me bihar jharkhand ka network pkrd rahahai Muhammad aftab alam 9319973069 isy number per problem hai dusara number jisper bat hi, 9935781293

  4. Suddenly, calls are not getting connected in my iphone, Thinking that, sim is damaged, got replaced the sim. Then also calls are not getting connected, Its working with other service provider sim, Sim is also working in other phones. Getting Data, text messages, but not calls.

    • I am also phasing this problem with my BSNL 4G sim at 4g network area in my iphone 7 plus, but it works in other phones

  5. iPhone 3G connection issue resolved upon typing Bsnlnet under personal hotspot APN. Don’t know why I had to do it manually, nevertheless, problem solved. Thanks to all the discussions in this forum.

  6. Hello,
    I have iPhone XR and using BSNL postpaid service, and the data network was working fine, though the setting was not changed, recently it was not working, Last week, I reset as per the instructions and it started working, but again without any changes in settings it’s not working, Can you pl suggest hoe to settle this problem permanently?

  7. I have iPhone 6 s plus 4G Chennai SIM Postpaid used but in Coimbatore city I M unable to browse 4G, I have only E symbol kindly help me

  8. My BSNL SIM 3G service, Past one month it is not functioning & it is always “No service”, Can you help me to get service connection? S Palaniappan, Nemathanpatti, 9741115775, Pazhamnee@

  9. Very slow working, Not connect properly, Full network area,
    Please help me, iPhone 7 Plus, Please provide Network settings

  10. I using Iphone 6 and i am using stv 247 activated but unable to access internet, Could you please support to resolve the issues and 2G also not working in Prepaid BSNL

  11. How to set up personal hotspot on iOS 13.1 version.

    Reset the APN settings and left all the settings as blank.

    I tried the above steps a couple of times but that did not help.

    Can someone please share the BSNL APN settings for iOS running on 13.1 version.

    Thank you,

  12. I am using BSNL prepaid in my iPad 4G LTE type, When I insert the sim push notifications came as Install configuration- I accept it, Carrier shows BSNL MOBILE 3G but no data network, I recharged with Rs56 plan for 14 days data as test, When I open safari message shows COULD NOT ActiVate MOBILE NETWORK, PDP Authentication failure

    My sim in Tamilnadu circle
    Please help me

  13. I find BSNL services peculiar, they have made everything very difficult to understand, Why don’t they say for all the subscriptions that they have floated something like this
    This subscription will allow you to use voice call in your home state
    This subscription will allow you to use voice call and sms etc
    I mean to say that the character of their products are not transparent, They have made it, I think, they have done it with purpose to make it difficult for customers to understand, Like the documents of LIC and etc.


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