How to Activate BSNL Mobile Data in National Roaming

Do you know how to activate BSNL mobile data to use unlimited internet and voice calls even in national roaming, In our previous tutorials, we provide you how to enable or activate BSNL mobile data service on a new connection at first time, but now here we present the simple steps to do in customer mobile for activation of internet to use in national roaming areas in India.

As we all know, BSNL mobile data is offering free roaming on PAN India basis, So, now it’s time to move on to understand how to activate BSNL mobile data roaming to use the unlimited internet available on your BSNL unlimited pack subscription in a journey across India (National roaming).

Indian communication giant allowed using BSNL mobile internet available on any subscribed combo pack even in national roaming at free of cost, and the permitted free wireless internet and voice shall not work in other than home LSA in sometimes, At that time many of us can have many queries in mind like this

  • BSNL Mobile Data facility not working in roaming, Why and what is the reason for data services deactivation?
  • Is there any separate BSNL 3G or 4G SIM available to activate to work in national roaming?

For the above two simple queries, the simple solution is “activate BSNL mobile data roaming.” For this, we can provide step by step instructions, about where and how you can activate this net in India? Let us know all this before activation.

BSNL Mobile Data Roaming Activation Process

Here we are presenting about how to activate BSNL data in national roaming areas in Android 8 mobile, and this process is similar in all Android versions and iPhone’s, So, let’s enable directly like this.

  1. Switch on mobile data on your smartphone screen
  2. Go to settings page
  3. Click on Connections to enable networks
  4. Press Mobile Networks
  5. Drag the button to On Data Roaming to use mobile data while in national roaming
    • No, you must require getting another SIM card from the operator, i.e., BSNL International SIM Card to access roaming service internationally.
    • Yes, you have to pay the International SIM card as per the tariff, No charges for activation of the said facility, and the provision of service is Free by the operator.
BSNL Data Roaming Activation
BSNL Data Roaming Activation

Also, the impressive benefits allowed for the mobile users to use unlimited internet on the Go in the national roaming area in the form of Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.

What are the BSNL data roaming charges we have to pay?

There are no charges to pay for usage nationally, but it is applicable when you subscribe to net packs, and after subscription, to use that, you have to activate BSNL net on your wireless device, No charges incurred for activation of data roaming also. It is a free service.

How much time will it take for activation BSNL data roaming?

After enabling the BSNL data roaming facility on your smartphone, within seconds of time, your net facility as per your subscription allows you to enjoy the internet.

Any other process like SMS based activation is available?

The only feature for activation of BSNL data roaming facility is available in customers handset (smartphone) only, and there is no other process like SMS or IVRS based activation.

From where we have to activate BSNL data roaming ?

You have to activate this data facility from anywhere in India either from home circle or from national roaming areas, before that your number must activate the mobile net facility, then only you will enjoy internet on your GSM device when enables in roaming.

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