BSNL Skylo Tariff Plans for Satellite Based NB-IoT Data Service

The satellite based NB IoT data service launched in India by BSNL offered under agreement between Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and M/s Skylotech India Limited with the following tariff BSNL Skylo Tariff Plans on advance payment.

BSNL Skylo Monthly Tariff Plans on Advance Payment

Plan Name Data Usage Permitted (Per Month)Auto Message UTP
(Update Frequency in Minutes)
Manual Messages (In Nos Max. per month)Monthly Charges (MRP in INR Rs)
Plan 25U 25 kB 1440 min 30 300
Plan 50U 50 kB 60 min 30 400
Plan 100U 100 kB 30 min 50 600
Plan 150U 150 kB 20 min 100 800
Plan 175U 175 kB 10 min 200 900
Plan 300U 300 kB 5 min 250 1500
Plan 2000U 2200 kB 1 min 1000 7500


  1. Auto-Message: It is the regular, periodic update that has internal sensor data like location, time stamp, speed etc. It is the regular update from UT to Platform (UTP). Max data size for the auto-message is 50 bytes and value are usable for the customer and do not include any overhead.
  2. Message: Message is the manual communication initiated from the device. Maximum data size for message is 100 bytes.
  3. The permitted data usage in each plan includes the data consumed in Auto Message (UTP) and Manual Message.

BSNL Skylo Biennial & Triennial Payment Plans

Plan Name Validity Price Remarks
Biennial Plan 24 months Advanced payment of Monthly plan X 231 month Free
Triennial Plan 36 Months Advanced payment of Monthly plan X 333 Months Free

Other Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum service commitment period is for one year.
  2. All subscription fees are to be deposited in advance by the customers for minimum commitment period for one year.
  3. Any charges for the unused period within the first year due to early termination are not refundable.
  4. All applicable taxes including GST will be charged extra.
  5. Monthly rollover of messages or data will not be permitted.

BSNL Extended Warranty of UT for Satellite-based Narrow Band IoT Data Service

Details End Customer List Price (INR) BSNL Share (INR) (@26.4% including AGR @8%) Skylo Share (INR)
Extended Warranty for 2nd year (1st year warranty plus 2nd year extended warranty) 1200 316.80 883.20
Extended Warranty for 3rd year (1st year warranty plus 2nd & 3 year extended warranty) 2565 677.16 1887.84

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