BSNL Broadband Plans for Home & Business (August 2022 List)

BSNL Broadband Plans updated as on 18.08.2022 | Latest BSNL Broadband Plans for Home and Business with 300Mbps unlimited internet…

ISP provides unlimited calls to any network round the clock in all the BSNL broadband plans over fiber and DSL networks, and here we update the latest BSNL broadband unlimited plans daily across India as and when the update released for home and business tariff, So check each plan in detail to opt for best tariff.

BSNL Broadband Plans on Fiber

BSNL Fiber Plan Download Speed Upto (per month) ⏬⏫Rent in Rs Per Month
Freedom 75 – Fiber Basic **30 Mbps till 3300GB, then 2Mbps 275 for 1st 75 days then 449
Freedom 75 – Fiber BasicPlus **60 Mbps till 3300GB, then 2Mbps 275 for 1st 75 days then 599
Fiber Basic 30Mbps till 3300GB, then 2Mbps 449
Fibre Basic Plus 60Mbps till 3300GB, then 2Mbps 599
Fibre TB Plan 100Mbps till 1000GB, then 5Mbps 777
SuperStar Premium 1100Mbps till 1000GB, then 5Mbps (Free Bundled OTT)*749
Fiber Value 100Mbps till 3300GB, then 2Mbps799
Fibre Value Plus 100Mbps till 1500GB, then 10Mbps 849
Freedom 75 – Superstar Premium Plus **150Mbps upto 2000GB, then 10Mbps (Free OTT ##) 775
Superstar Premium Plus150Mbps upto 2000GB, then 10Mbps (Free OTT ##) 999
Fiber Premium Plus OTT 200Mbps till 3000GB, then 15Mbps + Free OTT * 1499
Fibre Ultra OTT 300Mbps till 4000GB, then 15Mbps + Free OTT *1799
Fibre Silver OTT 300Mbps till 4500GB, then 25Mbps + Free OTT * 2299
Fibre Silver Plus OTT 300Mbps till 5000GB, then 30Mbps + Free OTT * 2799
Fibre Ruby OTT300 Mbps till 6500GB, then 40Mbps + Free OTT * 4799

** Offer available upto 13.09.2022

## Free OTT: Disney + Hot Star Premium, Lions Gate LLP, Shemaroo ME, Hungama Music & Hungama Play SVOD, SonyLIV Premium, Zee5 Premium, VooT Select, YuppTV Live (NCF Channels) and YuppTV packages

* Free Bundled OTT : SonyLIV Premium, Zee5 Premium, VooT Select, YuppTV Live (NCF Channels), YuppTV FDFS, YuppTV Movies, YuppTV Scope (Aggregator Tech Platform), Support, Marketing.

BSNL Broadband Plans on DSL

DSL Broadband Plan Download Speed Upto Monthly Rent in Rs
100GB CUL 10Mbps upto 100GB, then 2Mbps 299 (for 1st 6months, then migrates to 200GB CUL plan)
200GB CUL 10 Mbps upto 200GB, then 2Mbps 399
500GB CUL 10Mbps upto 500GB, then 2Mbps 555
Superstar1 10Mbps upto 779GB, then 2Mbps 779
Superstar2 10 Mbps upto 1100GB, then 2Mbps 949
1600GB CUL 10Mbps upto 2000GB, then 5Mbps 1299

Apart from the above budget broadband internet plans, different circle specific BSNL broadband plans over DSL and Bharat Fiber (FTTH) technologies are available, we categorize each plan and provide the updated information of all the circles with new plans and tariff, so have a look for your circle unlimited internet pack and calling tariffs at or as below.

BSNL Broadband Plan by State

Andhra Pradesh Andaman Nicobar Assam Bangalore
Bihar Chhattisgarh Chennai Gujarat
Haryana Himachal Pradesh Hyderabad Jammu Kashmir
Jharkhand Karnataka Kerala MP
Maharashtra North East 1 BB tariffNorth East 2 BB tariffOdisha Broadband
Punjab Rajasthan Tamilnadu Telangana
UP East Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand West Bengal

BSNL BB Plans by News

BSNL offers 90% discount on first month rental charges upto a maximum of Rs.500 across all the FTTH Broadband plans as a promotional offer for 90days from 16.08.2022.

BSNL Freedom offer released with 75days discount on Fiber Basic, Basic Plus and Superstar Premium Plus plans upto 13.09.2022.

Fibre Premium Plus(1277), BSNL Fibre Ultra (1499), BSNL Fibre Silver(1999) withdrawan on PAN India basis with effect from 08.08.2022

BSNL Andaman Nicobar FTTH plans revised with new tariff and BSNL Fibre299 introduced for Nagercoil Business Area in Tamilnadu for conversion of Landline/BB on copper network to Bharat Fibre as promotional offer for 90days from 27.05.2022

BSNL Installation charges waived off for all new Bharat Fiber and DSL broadband connections for 90days from 16.08.2022

BSNL Offers bundled Amazon Fire TV stick Light under annual subscription of DSL/Fibre/AirFibre Broadband plan having monthly charges of Rs.999 & above with effect from 01.01.2022

ISP enhances Government employee discount to 10% from 5% an all BB plans which is applicable for all the working / retired employee of state, central and PSU. BSNL employees will provide a 40% discount on FTTH connections.

From 01.03.2021, BSNL broadband plans of DSL network 2GB BSNL CUL, 2GB CUL, 3GB CUL, 4GB CUL, 5GB CUL, 12GB CUL, 10GB CUL Family, 25GB CUL, 30GB CUL, 35GB CUL are closed and not allowed for new customers, where the existing customers of the plans 2GB BSNL CUL and 2GB CUL shall migrate to 200GB CUL, whereas 3GB CUL and 4GB CUL as 500GB CUL, and 5GB CUL as Super Star 1 and 12GB CUL as Super Star 2, and the other plan customers will continue until migration.

  1. How to change BSNL broadband plans online

    Just login to BSNL Self care portal and raise a request to change broadband plan by following 5 steps and within 24 hours, your plan change request will be confirmed.

  2. How to check bsnl broadband plans

    Any subscribed customer of BSNL broadband may check the subscribed plan on telephone bill or on login to self care portal or by using in the same WiFi zone

  3. What is the best broadband internet plan of BSNL in 2022?

    Under Regular BSNL broadband plans, 500GB CUL at 555 for DSL, and Fibre basic at 449 per month under Bharat Fiber is the best plans for 2022 calendar year, but 449 is a promotional offer.

  4. Can all above broadband plans of BSNL provide on FTTH?

    Any BSNL broadband plan (including Combo Plan) on DSL network with Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) of Rs.500 and above is available on BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) network continuing with the same.

  5. Can we get BSNL broadband without landline?

    Yes, all the present internet plans of BSNL are allowed with Free telephone having unlimited voice calling, so if you don’t want the telephone, Just uninstall the telephone device from the modem on your home broadband, where in some areas, only broadband plans are also offered to customers, so check them too if required.
    Recommended : Have a Combo BSNL broadband plan, Remove the telephone if not required

  6. Why BSNL Broadband Plans vary in different states?

    As per the requirement of netizen usage and competition of that state/area, different tariff plans are introduced with Giga speed internet under BSNL DSL / Bharat Fiber broadband services.

  7. What is FUP and why every plan is configured with FUP limit?

    FUP is fair usage policy, and it is configured in all combo broadband plans of BSNL to define the preference of each net pack plan and to share the bandwidth to every user as per the subscription.

  8. What is BSNL Combo Broadband plan?

    Combo means a combination of both voice and internet, Here as per the terminology of telecom, combo means, a net pack provides the internet along with voice calling without any charges for telephone voice calls.

  9. How a home or business user can know the best broadband plans of BSNL?

    BSNLTeleServices mentioned all circle-wise specific and all India BSNL broadband plans and with internet speed and rental charges, so check your circle and choose the lowest monthly rental charges which provide the highest speed.

  10. How can a user knows his subscribed broadband plan?

    Check your BSNL telephone bill last page or call BSNL customer care to know the latest subscription.

  11. How to get Maximum speed in subscribed BSNL Broadband plan?

    If your fixed line parameters are absolutely correct, you will get the maximum internet speed in a subscribed BSNL broadband plan.

  12. Whether BSNL broadband new connection price will differ from area to area?

    If subscribed to PAN India BSNL broadband, then there is no variation, but if subscribed to that circle specific unlimited plans, then the deposit charges will differ in that area as per the plan.

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79 thoughts on “BSNL Broadband Plans for Home & Business (August 2022 List)”

  1. Hello sir,
    I had landline phone no. 079-26734288 from BSNL.
    I have canceled my landline number in January 2021 due to covid and I have closed my office and paid the last bill also at that time. Then my landline number was also disconnected but the department to do not give my security deposit amount.
    I have often visited concerned telephone exchange `vastrapur’ but they do not even reply and said it will come and today they said at present 2017-18 cancellation refund we are giving. It is so strange.
    Also, they told me to contact at BSNL Tolfree no and when I called at Tolfree no., they said that go to your concerned telephone exchange.
    Kindly ask the concerned department to release my deposit amount.
    For ready reference, I have attached the Last telephone bill received and application inward for cancelation of my landline number.
    From: Neelam K. Shah. 9825074288.

  2. I am having BSNL FTTH connection and It comes with Disney hotstar unfortunately this is not getting linked instead inactive jio is displayed on entering my mobile number my BSNL land line number 08212330728. I am sorry tell you Disney that the customer care is hopless with out any conversation over phone manual interface should be there via chat and mail nothing happens.

  3. Very poor service. Landline always remains dead and broadband sometimes works and sometimes not. The technician assigned with complaint never picks up phone. Customer care people consumes 3 minute for data confirmation about complianant and then call drops. We are fool to have BSNL telephone and braodband connections. They are just billing Rs. 932/- per month in lieu of pathetic service and anxiety creation in users.

    • I am facing same problem and BSNL Sr Managers not aware of customer grievance.
      5 times complaints are registered through 1500 since last 10 days and no one is responsible to clear faults.

  4. I am looking business BSNL Broadband with max speed at Whitefield, Bangalore
    Contact – E Ravi kumar
    Mobile – 9972466705

    • I, Shyama Nanda Chowdhury, is not finding bsnl internet connection on my device’s phone number:8900612216, pls arrange bsnl internet ith wi-fi continuosly

  5. I am Looking for a New home fiber connection in Ghonshet, Tal – Maval, Dist – Pune 412106

  6. Deepak

    Mtnl net speed very Slow, New plan BSNL Broadband speed is always less than given speed is my connection is 10Mbps but i am getting only 1-2 Mbps and also a very difficult that its upload speed is very less in comparison of other network, (BSNL giving always less than 1Mbps upload speed hence other network giving 5-6 Mbps upload speed

  7. I am looking for Wifi at Bahjoi, Chitora Road, Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, 202410, Here is my contact number – 8468065764

  8. I am looking for a new connection in Bengaluru with BSNL Fiber Basic Plus at the earliest to work from home, My area is covered by Shankarpuram Exchange in Bengaluru.

  9. I applied for Bharath Fiber connection one month ago, Even after one month, no one from BSNL called me nor I do not see any action taken on my application. I want to encourage, give business to Government enterprise instead to private corporates, but the lesson I learn is different, and all BSNL staff want to live tax payer’s money, than to stand up on their business revenue with private corporates, if today I make a call to any one of them, tomorrow all the gadgets in my home, the phone, the internet, TV channels, free calls through mobile phones etc also, work in their network. BSN , do not cry foul, if public supports privatisation of BSNL.

    Today, after one month completion of my application for Bharath Fiber, I searched the BSNL web site and found one Bharat Fiber franchise customer care number, and I called them, The staff at the other end said its not BF customer care number, but they do different work for BSNL BF.

    • Plz, do not go for BSNL totally bad service provider..using from 2015 as in my area no other network working using DSL plan speed 0.23 not even get 1 Mbps.

  10. Dear sir,
    since last six days my bsnl fiber is not working and complaint to all BSNL officers but till now there is no response from your team, we are export traders so we are very facing problem billing and correspondence , please look in the matter and resolve our problem,
    Aruna export
    Vinay shah

  11. Hi Sir/ Madam
    Could you please rectify the landline problem in 0477 2233737, Alappuzha. This line is very dull, unable to hear, My parents are alone and this is the only way to keep in touch with them. Kindly look into this urgent matter.

    Thanking you

  12. Hi, i have got new BSNL broadband connection and i am using combo plan of 3GB/day from 519 where I will get free calls also I am supposing. But recently I have been charged with 375 rupees and in details it says (LL – General FMC 279 Urban) which is my tariff plan, So my question is, is that a rental I have to pay every month for landline and if yes why,since i have got a combo plan and how can I avoid it(the additional charge)? Please help me with this!! Thanks in advance !!

  13. I am a self care BSNL costumer re registered with new selfcare web portal with my registered mail id. Whenever I open the page it says no landline number is attached to this a/c but when I try to add my number it says this number is already registered with our portal. I have contacted the BSNL office several times but of no use. Can somebody help me. I am from BSNL Andaman Nicobar state

  14. first bsnl increase price of 250 rs plan to 350 now 370 with GST it cost 444 rs almost for one month with 2gb per day

    I am going to shift to Jio they charge 444 rs for 2 months with 2 GB per day and unlimited calling BSNL is charging double. decrease the price or give more data else u will lose lots of customers

  15. what is the different between 2GB BSNL CUL and 2GB CUL plan

    and both are free unlimited voice call for any network

    • In 2GB BSNL CUL,
      Free calls of worth Rs. 600/- on other network within India.
      (b)24Hrs. Unlimited free calling to BSNL network in India.

      but in 2GB CUL, all are unlimited

      • I am using superstar 300 with free hotstar, But facing problems with slow speed. When we are online virtual meeting frequently the network is disconnecting. What is the solution we have to upgrade or suggest.

  16. My(tel no:04962961895) plan is 599 4gb/day, But payment which is coming is 998, what is the logic behind that monthly different payment are coming.

  17. How can I check the daily usage of bsnl broadband, I have created self-care portal also but I am not able to check.

  18. We (St.Marys EM S, Pullichira, Kollam, Kerala) using Landline BSNL service since 2 months interrupt, complain about irregular services still not taken any action.

  19. Hi,
    What are the initial charges (installation, modem, router, security deposit etc.) involved for getting Bharat Fiber Superstar 300 connection in Bangalore?

  20. At my hometown in TamilNadu, new connection with modem is charged 4500 Rs/-. Is this valid? How can i contest this?

  21. Hi,
    My current plan under BSNL Retired Employee, Product BB – Fixed Monthly Charge-998412 & the plan is 701877/BBG ULD 545, Where I can find details about the above plan like download speed, maximum download limit. I could not find any details about this plan is BSNL websites, Kindly advice.

    • This plan is changed to Rs.599 per month as 4GB CUL, and if you are in BSNL RDOT scheme, then you may get a maximum discount of Rs.300 on rental charges.

  22. Under”2GB BSNL CUL PLAN” it comes with 2gb data per day and what about calls is it charges or it free of cost?

    • All the voice calls are allowed as unlimited without any charges to any network during round the clock.

  23. New fiber plan Combo plan 499 प्लॅन हवा

  24. Refered Users feedback regarding BSNL, they are unhappy with BSNL service, So that I am also going to cancelled the govt broadband plans, Once again thanks to feedback users.
    Deshmukh Girish Pune.

  25. Now a days BSNL BB become waste and not even getting speed like mobile 3G data, Waste of money and have to change to some other ISPs

  26. Why is your service erratic and unreliable, My BB connection was restored less than a fortnight ago after prodding and cajoling for 4 months, It is again dead since yesterday (14-06-2020), For the past half an hour I am trying to book a complaint without success, I am simply being thrown out of system as I try to book a complaint or there is nobody to receive the phone on the other side to register a complaint, Please register my complaint, My landline and BB connection is dead since 14-06-2020, My telephone no. is 033-26544533.

  27. Iam working from home my native is rural area we have very poor internet speed over here i m facing very difficult for work. Is there any option, can BSNL extend the support by providing a broadband connection with or with out Land line connection im fine with it for my home, If you have any options for me please let me know it will be very helpful for the ones who are working from home like me in rural areas.
    Thank You

  28. Dear Sir,

    Restoration of Broadband Connection 29725005

    This is to bring to your kind attention that my aforesaid Broadband connection is not working since the 20th of May 2020. I have been following this matter with one Mr. V Singh who has been assuring me that the connection would be restored soon, something which is still pending.

    What is even more frustrating, disgusting, irritating and annoying is the fact that, there is no helpline person I can talk to, despite my repeated attempts to find out the exact status of my connection.

    Please note that ever since the Lockdown has been declared in our State, I had upgraded my Broadband Plan since we are working from home, the non restoration of the Broadband services for over a fortnight is now seriously affecting our productivity.

    In view of the above, I shall be glad if you kindly look into this matter and arrange for an immediate restoration of my Broadband connection. Anticipating your kind cooperation and a quick action, Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,
    (Amitabha Mukherjee)

    • I also have same problem since 20 May 2020. Sent several mail (vidyanand singh ). He is not replying my mail.
      Sent message through WhattsApp (9432001592) as well, I have been receiving the bill, which he says, will get rebate for the bill. CC (1500/1504) not available since long. Unable to do office work from home.

  29. We can think of these plans only when a connection is established, no proper infrastructure even in major areas like w.mambalam, first let bsnl, complete the basic need for FTTH connection and then we will see which plan is suitable for us.

  30. Bsnl broadband is best then other networks, I m using it since 2007 and I have no problem till date, Speed of network is also best for downloading.

  31. BSNL BROADBAND internet connection is just a useless option, You will never receive internet speed above 5KB, Worst service ever, I am fed up with BSNL service.

  32. BSNL is a sunk ship, The PSU has employees who don’t work, No one can force anyone to work, The existing staff should also quit on moral ground, Shut down this BSNL

  33. I raised against my land line out of order and internet not stable ( BSNL)  on  23/03/2020 and 30/3/2020, DOCKET no 122735231122. Nobody took the action but i got the message 5-4-20, it says your query resolved. i shocked and make a call to the customer care, she told that is auto generated. no body attend the fault, issue still persist how it possible to auto generated i argued. she asked me to wait some days and gave me the new docket no its open 5-4-20 onward, great tricks. I was working as a contract staff (Instrument designing in pvt concern LET ME DO HOME BASE WORK) My kids who was studying in 10th standard and 12th standard, school starts “E Learning”, all the communication go through this land line and internet. both are fault I loose my contract job, My parents living  in 170 km away from me (Vellore). not able to communicate about their health.

    Kindly if possible do the needful action against the negligence. Otherwise surrender my connection.If you feel this is not real time to raise  Please forgive.
    Thanks and Regards

  34. BSNL broadband plans are great, provided telephone lines work efficiently, There has been no upgradation of copper wire based telephone lines in last ten years, because of this signal to noise ratio is bad, there is so much disturbance in telephone line that unless the user disengage the receiver from cradle the DSL is not stationary. What this means is, user can either use phone or DSL, splitter is unable to split frequencies because of disturbance caused by ancient copper wire telephone lines.

    And most important of all if there is a cable fault, the authorities are unable to make telephone line work within a specified period of time. Just to give you an example, the telephone line is not working in a moderate middle class locality of Kanpur since 2 january 2020, because of this many ATMs are not working, banking in banks is badly affected, broadbandband subscribers are unable to connect to internet. Even after seven days the regional BSNL office is unable to fix the fault, they say that a long underground wire has gone missing or something else and there is very little hope of telephone lines working in near future.

    By the way, Kanpur is the biggest city in Uttar Pradesh and if things are like this in biggest city you can imagine what is the situation in small cities, BSNL plans are great but unfortunately copper wire based telephone lines are out of date and government as usual is busy in making things easier for private companies.

  35. I’ve been using Broadband for 15 years now without any major issue, However, i’m now upgrading to Fiber and everytime i call BSNL they say FTTH only for apartments, Because of this i am considering surrendering my BB and going in for Hathway or ACT, I live in Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.

  36. I have been using the broadband service for the last 4 years, For one year everything was ok, thereafter no dial tone till now and the broadband gets interrupted for a month also, No one dare to take any action, only gets sms for bill only and have been paying the bill before the due date also, Is the carelessness due to semi government undertaking.
    Please do something.
    From Sikkim, Ravangla station.

    • File a complaint at BSNL Corporate Facebook/Twitter pages and also an email to BSNL CMD at cmdcomplaints,
      we the customers have to right to complain this type of issues to higher one, so this must reach to higher officials of BSNL.

  37. Your request has been booked by BSNL with Pre-Lead/Reference Number: 15130943512, BSNL Sales Team will get back to you, Thank You, Still pending…sir

  38. I’m a regular user of wimax internet service from Udalguri, Assam 784509. But I’m unable to get network from past 5 days in our sector, When checked i found connection available at other sides of our town, and My place is located at south west corner of the town.

  39. There is no way that a landline Plan can be changed through the self care portal, and first of all it is impossible to all your mobile or landline in the self care portal.

  40. Just horrible, My L/L and bb is out for last one week, Complaint booked, A lengthy no given, After that no response at all, When contacted, recorded msg”work in progress” Highly callous, Now how long i have to wait pll?
    My no 040-27113326

  41. Hi
    I subscribed for FTTH since Feb and not a single month has gone without downtime, The FTTH is out sourced and NO ownership at all, The link remains down for 4 -5 days and no body to attend, Even last time fiber cut took 10 days to restore, Pl note there are other players in my location like ACT, Jio and soon you will become extinct Number is 080 29774402.
    Jaishankar Iyer

  42. i using broadband BSNL service since 15 days interrupt broadband and complain about irregular services still not taken any action.

  43. BSNL Broadband speed is always less than given speed ie my connection is 10Mbps but i am getting only 4-5 Mbps and also a very difficult that its upload speed is very less in comparison of other network. (BSNL giving always less than 1Mbps upload speed hence other network giving 5-6 Mbps upload speed) Why?????

    • BSNL Employees have a role in giving you less than the promised speed, They themselves misuse customer’s broadband by having parallel connection resulting in reduced speed for customers, My complaints to higher level officers did not elicit any response, they don’t want to take action against their own employees, If they promise 10 MBPS speed, you will not get more than 3 to 4 MBPS speed, This is a fact, It is really sad that government has decided to revive BSNL, whose employees misuse customers broadband account.

  44. why we should go behind deaf people of BSNL. The staff are not friendly and react with zero answers all the time.I do not want to go with this type of implementation. Waiting for the Jio fiber.

  45. There is the conspiracy to down BSNL, A Govt. Undertaking. In this play, it seems the officers of BSNL, the politicians and multinational telecom companies are involved. That’s why it gives poor services to the people of India. Landline services are noisy, disrupt on talking, broadband always disrupted due to the noisy line. WiMAX was someway better, but it is discontinued, reason better known to BSNL policymakers.

  46. Practically BSNL is far behind to provide the trouble-free service. As far as the internet is concerned there should be interruption free service. For example, my BSNL BB connection is in rural side called Shankerpura of Udupi district. The age-old 2 km length of cable has more than a dozen joints. This number increases further with every complaint. I pay the BB charges annually in advance. In return I never got trouble-free service; sometimes it is more than a week or fortnight to attend the complaint. Unless and until BSNL succeed to maintain a better after sales service, this advertising gimmick is not just able to trust.

    • Very poor and pathetic service, I don’t think any other company can provide word service than BSNL. I have a broadband connection in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, and it is not parking since 11th October. We paid you for internet , moreover in this area there is no mobile network so we have to depend on broadband and you are giving this service. Students are liable to give online exams in this rural area, you are doing this job. Your internet may spoil someone’s career forever.

  47. Business improvement means “Satisfaction of Customers”.
    Availability of the same product on the market and its best services may be the downfall of BSNL business.

    1. The motivation of BSNL staffs
    2. Activate the supervision promptly.
    3. Assurance of Product Quality.
    4. Provide the best maintenance of BSNL BB and FTTH where ever required.

  48. BSNL, if you start using “Ifs and buts” and “Only for” in your plans then you are gone. Someone like Jio will surpass you and it is already happening.


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