BSNL Andaman Nicobar Broadband Plans on DSL / Fiber (Updated)

Circle specific broadband plans of BSNL over DSL & FTTH (Fiber to Home) network are updated in Andaman Nicobar with new introductions, just check the detailed tariff before subscription for your high speed internet connection provides unlimited internet and free calls.

India’s most trusted telecom brand Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited introduced new Circle Specific limited postpaid Bharat Fiber (FTTH -Fiber to the Home) broadband plans and DSL tariffs in Andaman Nicobar Telecom Circle on promotional basis as mentioned below with new reformulated high speeds.

BSNL Andaman Nicobar Broadband Plans
BSNL Andaman Nicobar Broadband Plans

We all know about the existing Fiber to home broadband plans and DSL internet plans available in all India, and the not applicability to Andaman Nicobar Circle, To offer the best connectivity in the part of BSNL Bharat Fiber, ISP introduced the new reformulated high-speed fiber plans for home and business usage with unlimited usage which was revised from limited, Let’s take a look at the tariff. Let us check the below Fiber/DSL plans of Andaman Nicobar Broadband plans of March 2023.

BSNL Andaman Nicobar Fiber to Home / DSL Unlimited Plans

FTTH BB PlanSpeed Upto & LimitMonthly Rent Rs6 Months Rent in Rs1 Year Rent in Rs24 Months Rent in Rs
Freedom 75-Bharat Fiber 200GB Plan CS330upto 40 Mbps till 200GB then 1Mbps275 for 75 days
Freedom 75-Bharat Fiber 100GB Plan CS368Upto 15Mbps till 100GB, then 512Kbps275 for 75 days
100GB CS368Upto 20Mbps till 100GB, then 4 Mbps499
Freedom 75-Bharat Fiber 850GB Plan CS363200 Mbps till 850GB then 1Mbps + Free OTT775 for 75 days
200GB CS33040Mbps till 200GB , beyond 1Mbps79947948390
Fiber 1000GB CS 33060Mbps till 1000GB, then 5Mbps79947949588
400GB CS341100Mbps till 400GB, then 1Mbps99959941049023976
850GB CS363Upto 200Mbps till 850GB, then 1Mbps149989941798835976
1200GB CS331250Mbps till 1200GB/day, then1 Mbps18991139422788
2000 GB Plan CS341100Mbps till 2000GB, then 10Mbps99959941198823976
2000GB CS342250Mbps till 2000GB, then 2Mbps2799167943358867176
3000GB CS332300Mbps till 3000GB, after 2Mbps39992399447988
5000GB CS343300Mbps till 5000GB/day, then 4Mbps59993599471988143976
7000GB CS333300Mbps then 7000GB, then 4Mbps79994799495988
Fibre Premium Plus200Mbps then 4000GB, till 15 Mbps12991558831176
Fibre Premium Plus OTT200 Mbps then 3300 GB, till 15 Mbps149982451798835976
Fibre Ultra OTT300 Mbps then 4000 GB, beyond 15 Mbps179998952158843176
Fibre Silver OTT300 Mbps then 4500 GB, till 25 Mbps2299126452758855176
Fibre Silver Plus OTT300 Mbps then 5000 GB, beyond 30 Mbps2799153953358867176
Fibre Ruby OTT300 Mbps then 6500 GB, till 40 Mbps47992639557588115176
Fibre Rural HOME WiFi / GHAR KA WiFi30 Mbps then 1000 GB, till 4 Mbps1999
DSL Plan SpeedRent per Month (Rs) 6 Month Rent in Rs 1 Year Rent in Rs 24 Months Rent in Rs
50GB Plan CS24010Mbps upto 50GB, then 512Kbps35042008400
150GB Plan CS24110Mbps till 150GB, after 512Kbps650780015600
250GB Plan CS22910Mbps till 250GB, beyond 512Kbps10001200024000
550GB/Day Plan CS22410Mbps till 550GB, after 1Mbps17502100042000
900GB CS22510Mbps till 900GB, then 2Mbps27503300066000
1250GB CS22610Mbps till 1250GB, beyond 2Mbps37504500090000
1800GB CS22710Mbps till 1800GB, after 2Mbps500060000120000
3000GB CS26210Mbps till 3000GB then 2Mbps750090000180000
  • All DSL plans provides unlimited free calls to BSNL network and night / sundays free calls to any network in India.
  • All FTTH plans as mentioned above will provide any network free calls during 24 hours 365 days.
  • Customers are advised to prefer dual band ONT for getting optimum bandwidth at their premises.
  • ** For 24 month Fiber Plans, there is an add on 3 months free service

In BSNL Andaman Nicobar circle, unlimited broadband plans are now offered as regular tariff with high speed internet from 31.05.2022, and all the above plan charges are exclusive of GST charges, which are included in the coming BSNL bill.

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