BSNL Punjab Broadband Plans on DSL / Bharat Fiber

BSNL high speed broadband plans for home and business in Punjab circle introduced separately as per the competition, Just check here about what are the updated unlimited broadband plans introduced by BSNL in Punjab over DSL and FTTH technologies.

The following are the special broadband plans of BSNL, approved by tariff committee for Punjab telecom circle, and these new tariffs of BSNL broadband in Punjab are available in addition to available PAN India unlimited plans.

These following are the exclusive BSNL unlimited Fiber to the home FTTH plans available in Punjab circle as a regular plans with or without voice at 50Mbps download speed mentioned against each in the table starts from 490

Circle Specific BSNL Punjab Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans (Sep 2023)

FTTH Plan NameDownload speedMonthly Rent in RsOther Facility
200GB CS11150Mbps upt0 200GB, then 4Mbps490No Voice
300GB CS11250Mbps upto 300GB, then 4Mbps590No Voice
PUN 400GB CS117100Mbps till 400GB, then 5Mbps690Unlimited calls any network
Other FTTH Plans (599 / 777 / 849 / 1277…)From 50Mbps to 300MbpsFrom 599 to 16999Unlimited Voice Valls any network

Even though BSNL introduced special unlimited internet plans for entire Punjab, but Chandigarh SSA is having some special preference by introducing some other new DSL internet tariffs as follows, where the following is applicable only for Chandigarh SSA.

BSNL Punjab Circle DSL / Fiber Optic Internet Plans (Sep 2023)

BSNL Fiber PlanDownload / Upload SpeedMonthly Rent6 Months Rent12 Months Rent in Rs24 Months Rent in Rs
Home WifiUpto 30Mbps till 1000GB399219547889576
Fibre Entry (Rural)Upto 20Mbps till 1000GB32918103948
Fiber Basic NEO30Mbps till 3300GB, then 4Mbps449
Fibre Basic40Mbps till 3300GB, then 4Mbps499598811976
FIBRE BASIC PLUS CONVERSION LL FTTH60Mbps till 3300GB, then 4Mbps599
Fibre Basic plus60Mbps till 3300GB, then 4Mbps59935947188
FIBRE 1049 CS384 PUNJAB GOVT175Mbps till 3000GB, then 15Mbps1049577025176
HOME WiFi/GHAR KA WiFi RURAL30Mbps till 1000GB, then 4Mbps199947889576
Fibre Basic plus OTT60Mbps till 3300GB, then 4Mbps6663663799215984
Fibre GovernmentUpto 100Mbps till 3300GB7994395958819176
Fiber Value100 Mbps till 3300GB then 2Mbps79947949588
Fiber Value OTT100 Mbps till 1000GB then 5Mbps + Free OTT7994395958819176
Fibre TB PlanUpto 100Mbps till 1500GB46629324
Fibre Value PlusUpto 100Mbps till 1500GB849509410188
Super Star Premium Plus150Mbps till 2000GB then 10Mbps + Free OTT999599411988
Fiber Premium200Mbps till 3300Gb then 2Mbps999
Fiber Premium Plus200Mbps till 4000Gb then 15Mbps129989941558831176
Fiber Premium Plus OTT200Mbps till 3300Gb then 15Mbps14991798835976
Fiber Ultra 300Mbps till 4000Gb after 4Mbps1499
Fibre Bharat Net ruralupto 100Mbps till 3300GB16000
Fibre Bharat Net rural 2upto 100Mbps till 3300GB20000
Fiber Ultra OTT 300Mbps till 4000Gb after 15Mbps + Free OTT1799107942158843176
Fibre Silver OTT 300Mbps till 4500Gb after 25Mbps + Free OTT2299137942758855176
Fibre Silver PlusUpto 300Mbps till 5000GB2499
Fibre Silver Plus OTTUpto 300Mbps till 5000GB then 30Mbps + Free OTT2799167943358855176
Fibre Ruby OTTUpto 300Mbps till 6500GB then 40 Mbps + Free OTT47992879457588115176
Fibre PlatinumUpto 300Mbps till 21000GB16999
DSL PlanSpeedMonthly Rent in (Rs)6 Months Rent in Rs12 Months Rent in Rs
100GB CUL10Mbps till 100GB then 4Mbps299
200GB CUL10Mbps till 200GB then 4Mbps399219541908180
500GB CUL10Mbps till 500GB then 4Mbps5553053582811378
Super Star 210Mbps till 1100GB then 5Mbps949
1600GB CUL10Mbps till 1600 GB then 5Mbps12991364026630

##Free OTT: Disney + Hot Star Premium, Lions Gate LLP, Shemaroo ME, Hungama Music & Hungama Play SVOD, SonyLIV Premium, Zee5 Premium, VooT Select, YuppTV Live (NCF Channels) and YuppTV packages

** For 24 Months Fibre Plan, there is an add on 3 months free service

If having any queries on this BSNL Punjab broadband plans can comment below at any time or call to toll free BSNL broadband customer care during the working hours.

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