BSNL Maharashtra Broadband Plans on Fiber & Copper

Most of the netizens in Maharashtra & Goa, who connects with heavy data usage prefer to take another BSNL broadband plans by connecting with or without landline, since it favors them more with unlimited calls and Internet, it is economical in nature, leading to many people subscribing to it for their increasing broadband usage, so just check

Here the user is not given the usage limitation, just checking the best and subscribe for the best unlimited internet and call offered from BSNL broadband services in Maharashtra and Goa, where some of the users require only broadband without landline facility, for those, here is the plans which we present now.

The below broadband plans were offered to customers only in BSNL Maharashtra(including Goa) telecom circle on regular basis with free landline calling facility allowing ultra speed internet connectivity, Have a check

BSNL Broadband Plans Maharashtra and Goa

Nomenclature Speed Rent per Month 6 Months Rent Yearly Rent
Fibre Basic 30 Mbps till 3300 GB after 2Mbps 449 0 5388
Fibro 100GB CUL Upto 50Mbps till 100GB 499
Fibre Basic Plus 60 Mbps till 3300 GB after 2 Mbps 599 0 7188
Super Star Premium 1Upto 100Mbps till 1000GB749
Fibre Value ** 100 Mbps till 3300 GB then 2 Mbps 799 0 9588
Fibre Value PlusUpto 100Mbps till 1500GB849
Super Star Premium Plus Upto 150Mbps till 2000GB999
Fibre Premium ** 200 Mbps till 3300 GB then 2 Mbps 999 0 11988
Fibre Premium PlusUpto 200Mbps till 3300GB1277
Fibre Ultra ** 300 Mbps till 4000 GB above 4 Mbps 1499 0 17988
Fibre Premium Plus 200 Mbps till 3300 GB above 15 Mbps 1277 7024 13409
Fibre Silver PlusUpto 300Mbps till 5000GB2499
Fibre RubyUpto 300Mbps till 6500GB4499
200GB CUL (Copper)10Mbps till 200GB,upto 2Mbps 399 2195 4190
500GB CUL (DSL) 10Mbps till 500GB, then 2Mbps 555 3053 5828
Super Star 1 (Copper)10Mbps till 779GB, after 2Mbps 799 0 8569
1600GB CUL (Copper) 10Mbps till 1600GB then 5Mbps 1299 0 13640

All the security deposit and other are same as per the existing conditions, Apart from above BB plans without voice, all the DSL broadband tariffs mentioned for BSNL Maharashtra / Goa allows minimum of 10 Mbps download speed, where as Bharat Fiber (FTTH) allows minimum of 50Mbps internet speed with unlimited calls on any network, so just check all and subscribe for the best in online.

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