BSNL Quilon(Kollam) Broadband & Mobile Plans with 30 CSC details


Presenting the latest working CSC list in BSNL Kollam telecom district along with specific fiber optic internet broadband and 4G mobile plans available for users to activate the 4G or FTTH services for wired or wireless internet…

ParticularsBusiness Area Details
Business AreaCovers all rural and urban areas of Paravur, Chathannoor, Karunagappally, Kunnathur (Sasthamkotta), Kottarakkara, Punalur, Pathanapuram talukkas in BSNL Kollam Telecom District
Head QuartersKollam (Quilon)
Available ServicesLandline, Virtual Landline
DSL / FTTH Broadband
3G / 4G Mobile, WINGS

BSNL Kollam Telecom District Mobile Plans (ബി‌എസ്‌എൻ‌എൽ കൊല്ലം ടെലികോം ജില്ലാ മൊബൈൽ പദ്ധതികൾ)

The following are the highest growth rate prepaid and postpaid 4G mobile plans available in Kollam business area

BSNL Broadband Plans for Kollam Business Area (കൊല്ലം ബിസിനസ് ഏരിയയ്‌ക്കായി ബി‌എസ്‌എൻ‌എൽ ബ്രോഡ്‌ബാൻഡ് പദ്ധതികൾ)

BSNL Kollam Telecom District Customer Service Centers & Contact Address / Telephone Numbers

You may contact any of the below mentioned CSC near to you in Kollam telecom district for further inquiries and offline services on latest BSNL 4G mobile plans and fiber optic internet broadband services during the working hours in all the days except BSNL Holidays mentioned

Station/AreaAddress of BSNL CSCContact Telephone Number
ChinnakkadaChinnakada Square0474 – 2768400
KarungapallyMicrowave building, Pada North, Karungapally – 6905180476 – 2620011
KottarakkaraTelephone Exchange Building, Kottarakkara0474 – 2454555
VellayittambalamO/o GMTD, Vellayittambalam, Kollam0474 – 2799955
VallikkavuBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Vallikkavu 
PattazhiBSNL CSC, Tele Exchange, Pattazhi 
KunnicodeBSNL CSC, Telephone Exchange, Kunnicode9447005100
PallimukkuBSNL, C.S.C Telephone Exchange, Pallimukku 
AnchalummooduBSNL, Telephone Exchange, Anchalumoodu0474 – 2704500
KulathupuzhaBSNL,Telephone Exchange, Kulathupuzha0475 – 2319000
KarikodeTelephone Exchange, Karikode, Kollam – 6910050474 – 2714000
NilamelGround Floor, Room No.1, Grama Panchayat Shopping Complex, Nilamel Junction0474 – 2433850
KadakkalCustomer Service Center, Telephone Exchange, Kadakkal0474 – 2422115
PuthurTelephone Exchange, Puthur0474 – 2416000
AnchalTelephone Exchange, BSNL, Anchal0475 – 2275000
PathanapuramCSC, Tele Exchange, Pathanapuram0475 – 2351144
AyurTelephone Exge, C.S.C. Ayur0475 – 2292000
KottiyamTelephone Exchange, Kottiyam0474 – 2530054
KundaraCustomer Service Center, Tele Exge, Kundara0474 – 2523300
OachiraTelephone Exchange, Staff Quarters No.1, Oachira0476 – 2698887
ChathannoorTelephone Exge, Chathannoor0474 – 2591111
ParavoorTelephone Exchange, Paravoor0474 – 2534000
SasthamkottaTele Exchange, Sasthamkotta0476 – 2836666
ChavaraTelephone Exchange building, Chavara0476 – 2682900
PunalurTelephone Exge building, Punalur0475 – 2222200
ChitharaBSNL Telephone Exge CSC,  Chithara9447254244
ManappallyBSNL Telephone Exchange Customer Service Center, Manappally9446379515
PooyappallyCSC Telephone Exchange Building, Pooyappally0474 – 2463000
VettikkavalaBSNL Telephone Exge, Vettikkavala 
KunnathoorBSNL Telephone Exchange, Kunnathoor9446600066

Telecom customers of Kollam (Quilon) Business area of Kerala state may contact the following PAN India customer care for various services

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